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Precision Nutrition is Goliath of the Nutrition world founded by Dr. John Berardi PhD Nutritional Sciences. He and his company, Precision Nutrition, have been extensively quoted and featured in the media including the following publications:

the new york timestime magazinethe men's journal
men's healthelle magazinetestosterone muscle
women's magazineglowoxygen

I have used their Precision Nutrition program myself and also worked with their coaches on a professional level, supporting their semi-yearly conventions as a fitness photographer. They offer a very high-tech interface to get as-good-as-live coaching from the comfort of your home while having a dedicated, college educated coach with specialization in nutrition to track your progress. When I worked with them, it wasn’t uncommon to see transformations that lost 90+ lbs in SIX months. I’m not even kidding, I photographed those individuals and can attest to the success.

Dr. Berardi is no stranger to the fitness world either as he has an incredible athletic background in track & field, rugby, football, won a US National junior bodybuilding title and continues to work as a sprinter in masters-level meets. This, coupled with his educational background and theories really struck me as someone that I wanted to work with.

They offer two programs, one for Men and one for Women. To give you a flavor of what they offer, PN has been kind enough to offer a FREE 5-Day Fat Loss Course for each program.

Click the Male or Female image appropriate for you to learn more.


Free 5-Day Fat Loss Course for WomenFree 5-Day Fat Loss Course for Men

How to lose fat, in five free video lessons.

To show you how to start losing fat immediately, I’ve put together this 5-lesson video course. In the course I’ll teach you:

  • The only 5 things you need to know about nutrition — the same things we’ve taught our clients to help them collectively lose over 100,000 pounds of fat.
  • Exactly what foods to eat to lose fat — at every meal
  • The best way to exercise to lose fat and why every other method flat-out sucks
  • Exactly how much time you need to exercise — it’s a lot less than you think
  • How to make delicious meals with a few simple ingredients
  • Why you don’t need supplements to lose fat
  • Which four supplements work the best, if you choose to use them
  • The one crucial thing that makes the biggest difference between women who actually lose fat and the frustrated women who fail every time.

Precision Nutrition has helped hundreds of organizations eat right and get fit.

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