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Binais Begovic, CEO BMR Sports Nutrition

“Don’t miss to shoot with one of the best photographers in the business. We proudly choose Natalie as our photographer.”

Binais Begovic, CEO

BMR Sports Nutrition

Clark Bartram

“I had the fortunate pleasure of seeing Natalie in action and the first thing I noticed was her infectious energy. “

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“The models she happened to be working with were all very novice and timid, but Natalie was able to make each one very comfortable immediately and therefor captured amazing images of which I’m using to promote my business. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over two decades and have worked with some of the best and I would have to put Natalie right up there with the rest of them for a variety of reasons.If I were to sum all of those up in one word it would have to be “professional”. I highly recommend Natalie’s services as a photographer and hang my reputation on her ability, not only to get things done, but get them done efficiently. I’m available to answer any further questions if necessary.”

Clark Bartram

America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional

shawn ray

“Meet Natalie Minh, fitness model and professional photographer extraordinaire. You need to know this girl… she’s like Tyra Banks, she does it all!”

Shawn Ray

IFBB Hall of Famer

Amber Elizabeth

“natalie minh is the bomb. com.”

Amber Elizabeth via Facebook,

Fitness Model/Oxygen Cover Model/Certified Personal Trainer

Julien Greaux

“Last week I shot for Powertec. It was my first time working with photographer Nathalie Minh; she’s really good. I’m looking forward to more shoots together.”

Julien Greaux

Team Powertec/BSN Athlete/MMA Fighter/Covermodel

Cultura Fisica Magazine

“FIT NATALIE MINH, la Globe Trotter del Fitness”

Cultura Fisica Magazine, January 2010

Italy’s premier Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine

becca marie

“HOLY POOP jus got my gallery from my shoot w/the amazing @natalieminh had to look at em twice theyre GORGEOUS! my best photoshoot by far. “

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“U made me look so beautiful lookin at them actually brought a tear 2 my eye shooting w/u helped me overcome so many things. My shoot with the sweet @natalieminh is proof that when u show someone u believe in~them that they can move mountains~she did that 4 me”

Becca Marie

via twitter

Dr. Layne Norton

“If you love photography and fitness you should be following @natalieminh one of my favorite people in the industry!”

Dr. Layne Norton, PhD via Twitter

Natural Pro Bodybuilder (IFPA & NGA)

isabel norton

“So excited!! Just got all the photos from shoot from @natalieminh!! They are so beautiful!! :)”

Norton ‘The Latin Assassin” via Twitter

NGA Figure Pro, Team Norton

Natalie Waples

@natalieminh you are a genius!! Pics are amazing and now my next challenge is picking my faves!! So great to work w/ you!”

Natalie Waples via Twitter

Top Canadian IFBB Figure Pro- Fitness Model- Nutrition, Training and Competition Preparation Consultant

Sharon Polsky Wbff Pro

“You guys Natalie Minh is incredible. I have used her tips for about 6 months now and she has changed my life. Thank you Natalie for sharing your knowlege with us”

Sharon Polsky Wbff Pro

via Facebook

The Muscle Couple

“All Hail Natalie Minh! She is AMAZING!!! We are absolutely thrilled at the caliber of Natalie’s work”

JayAnhski Campbell – The Muscle Couple

via Facebook

Hillary Jones

@natalieminh I loved shooting with u at @FMIEvents and hope to shoot with you again soon! Ur energy and beauty is so refreshing! Xoxo”

Hillary Jones

via Twitter

Fitness model Divini Rae

“@natalieminh I Love you MUCHO! You’re my favorite photographer on the planet”.

Divini Rae

via Twitter

robyn baldwin

“Fashion Shot from last October with Natalie Minh. She has pushed me over the past two years to become a better model. Love working with her.”

Robyn Baldwin

Fitness Model/Sponsored Athlete

Fitness Model Lacey Arrington

“Natalie is one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with! She never makes you feel rushed and really helps guide and pose you to your best features and gets amazing photos and results! Love her!”

Lacey Arrington

Fitness Model


“I had an amazing time at FMI and would definitely go again! I highly recommend it to all of my fitness friends who are trying to break into the industry. “

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“I loved a lot of things about FMI but what I loved the most is that you’re given practical business information and tools. It is also accredited through ISSA, which is really cool. I’ve gone to a few fitness model camps and although I learned a lot about the camera and posing, there wasn’t too much specific information about what it really takes to start a business in the fitness industry. You learn more than just social media tips and how to smile at FMI. It’s a very well rounded course and you get to work with some awesome photographers and network with some big names in the industry, as well as hear their personal stories to success. I also realized that you don’t have to be a certain “look” to be successful. If you want to be on an Oxygen Cover, yeah you’re going to have to have that “Oxygen” look, but being an entrepreneur and creating your own brand based on who you are and the special gifts you have to offer far outweigh a magazine cover. I learned magazine covers don’t pay the bills. Building your own business does! If a magazine cover happens, that’s great! But it shouldn’t make your entire existence. I could go on and on about all the cool things at FMI but if you want to know more, you just have to go to an event! It is so worth the trip.”

Jenna Khran


“I had an amazing time at the FMI Conference and I can’t wait for the next event in 2014. If you are passionate about fitness, it is the best conference you can attend.”

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“Guest speakers are there to inspire and guide you on your journey. I traveled all the way from the East coast to Long Beach, CA hoping to find some new opportunities. I got more than I wanted… If I would have to choose 3 factors it would be friendships, networking and knowledge.” 

Krisztina Negyesi

june johnson

“II had such an awesome experience shooting with Natalie Minh. She’s incredibly talented and super cool to boot! I am also working with her interactive company to relaunch a Baby Train’s Website in March, and her team has make the process easy and smooth so far. Thank you! So grateful!”

June Johnson

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