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CASTING! Women in NY Tri-State only

Modeling / Recommendations / January 4, 2017


Project Better Than Ever for Marie Claire, Redbook, Oz, and ELLE are casting amazing women in the NY and TRI-state area only! Must be available the week of 1/9 to meet the producers in NY (at Hearst).

ELLE Thought Starters and the OZ Video might be perfect for some of you ladies in the fitness business.

Below the details of the casting:


Better Than Ever (Marie Claire, Redbook, Oz, and ELLE)

  • The women in “Better than Ever” will need to dedicate a full day where we follow them through their day (at their home – to their work if applicable – to their hobby) $1200 day.
  • Targeted shoot dates are 1/30, 2/13, 2/20, and 2/27
  • Video series (4 videos total) on Marie Claire, Redbook, Oz, and ELLE. Need 1 featured woman for each site. All about women who are embracing their age and living life “better than ever”.

These are the types of women they are looking for:


30-40 (Interesting “side gigs” – librarian by day, pro weight lifter by night would be ideal)

  • Baker – selling cakes on the side
  • Designer
  • Graffiti Artist
  • Jewelry making Cross-stitch / knitting
  • Drag performer
  • Boxer or serious weightlifter – training
  • Training for big marathon
  • Forager – urban forager
  • Flea market furniture restoring / vintage clothing, finding and restoring etc.


AGE 40-50 (someone who lost weight in a cool, active, interesting way (like starting a boxing gym, etc)


30-40. Someone who is defying age stereotypes and does something normally only done by younger people. Example – 40 yr old professional cheerleader, a ballerina who was a pro, had a kid, retired and came back. Other type of dance would be fine too. Other ideas:

  • Race car driving
  • Skydiving instructor
  • Older woman who becomes a model
  • Taking a risk – opening new business/career – BAKERY – microbrewery – risky entrepreneur
  • Skateboarding
  • Joining a band – starting a band


(30-37) Someone who made a big career change that required them to start from scratch and learn something completely new. Becoming a:

  • Teacher
  • Baker/Chef
  • Winemaker (Wolffer)
  • Comic book artist
  • Designer
  • Make Up Artist
  • Stand up comic (?)

If interested, please send an email to the Casting Director, Alex Shaw at

Natalie Minh

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