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Omar Sobhy – 5x National Squash Champion and Fitness Entrepreneur

Exercise / Fitness / Motivation / Training / March 1, 2016

Growing up, Omar Sobhy played every sport from soccer to karate to swimming to even rugby, cricket, and team handball. All of these sports helped him build a well-rounded base of athleticism and also helped him make a lot of friends and grow from a lot of experiences at a young age – He always recommend to his clients to have their kids play tons of sports when they are young – it really makes a difference!


Omar Sobhy


Brief Background

OS: At 12 years old, I chose squash as my main sport. No other sport had the intensity of squash and I was living with my Dad, who was my coach (and one of the best coaches in the world). I trained hard with my father’s guidance and played my first tournament at age 12, which I won. I remember the day like it was yesterday, where I won my first tournament thinking it was the greatest thing in the world. Little did I know there was a massive mountain that I was headed up. It is a marathon, not a sprint!

My entire family plays squash. My dad even met my mom from squash, where she was running a pro tournament he was competing in and my dad’s opponent, who was getting pummeled in the match, and who’s now a good family friend, pleaded with my mom, the tournament director, for my dad to wear his goggles for eye protection (something no Egyptian wears) as his last resort to get some sort of momentum back in the match. Guess what, the goggles did the trick and my father’s opponent found his rhythm, making the match much closer than expected with my dad just managing to sneak by. He may have lost the momentum, but he found love and my parents were married soon after.

Growing up, my sisters were my training partners, and we all played at tournaments together. My sister, Amanda Sobhy, is the top American Squash player today and is currently ranked #8 in the world after graduating from Harvard in May 2015. My other sister Sabrina is currently a freshman at Harvard and won an Under 19 US Open Championship at 15 years old and is the only person to ever win a junior and senior national championship in the same year.Omar Sobhy

I branched off into coaching at 14 years old, where I started with a few young clients and would fill in for my dad, and it’s something I fell in love with and started training myself to master while I mastered competing as well. What I soon realized was that squash is the best back door into the top schools that anyone could ever ask for. So after being recruited by Phillips Exeter Academy and The George Washington University, in addition to my studies, internships, and athletics, I saw a demand and built a business coaching promising high school squash players to fill it.

Immediately after receiving my BA in International Economics from GW, I became Head Squash Professional at the Metropolitan Club of the City of Washington. My secret sauce at the Met Club, in my business, and as a coach in general was that my clients and their health, happiness, and success are my priority. I was and still am committed to giving them everything! People really felt my authenticity and stand for them and it really made a difference on all fronts. As I worked to help people of all ages and skill levels on and off the court, a positive energy buzzed at the Club and with it, revenue and member participation metrics reached an all-time high. The feedback from the 200+ squash members was that I turned the spark of enjoyment for a sport into a flame of inspiration, competition, and brother- and sister-hood.

I am now engaged in two business pursuits: one related to coaching and the other related to real estate. I want to become the same high performer in these business contexts as I was on the squash court. On the coaching front, I’m expanding my coaching business to be able to help people all over the world go from where they are to where they want to be. My goal is to help 100 million people find health, happiness, and success. I’ve written twelve e-books which will be featured on my website,, currently under development. I have already helped students accomplish goals including recruitment, winning championships, landing jobs, and improving grades. I look forward to expanding my contribution and my clientele through my website.

In addition to coaching, my current focus is on mastering the real estate industry. I began my deep dive into the real estate in
industry as an intern at National Government Properties, a real estate private equity fund. Months into my internship, I met my current business partner at a leadership seminar. Ideas sparked and our values aligned, leading to the creation of our company, Optimal Real Estate Investments. Our vision is to give to our community through the rehabilitation of over 100 properties in greater Washington, DC and Baltimore by 2025. Currently, with several projects under construction, we’re building a construction company, and we’re creating a residential real estate rehabilitation and development private equity fund scheduled for launch in June of 2016. As the financial capability of the business grows, so, too, will the investors and home buyers we serve, the jobs we create, the scope of housing we rehabilitate, and the communities we revitalize.

My ten-year plan includes an expansion into international residential and commercial development, specifically in Egypt and Jamaica, locations dear to the hearts of myself and my business partner. With each completed rehabilitation project, Optimal will allocate 10% of net profits to build international affordable housing. It’s been a long, ride with tons of growth, contribution, successes, and failures. Looking back, I am truly grateful for it all and am committed to sharing the lessons I’ve learned over the years to make a difference for others.

FMI banner

You’re a proven Champion when it comes to athletics, as a 5xnational Squash champion. Tell us how you decided to create this fitness system?

OS: Throughout my career as a Squash Professional and an Entrepreneur, I’ve always been looking for ways to train smarter. Whatever I am training myself for (whether it’s my fitness, coaching others, real estate, management, entrepreneurship, etc), my performance determines my results and my training, which includes my mindset, knowledge, and system, determine my performance. Since the quality of one’s training directly correlates to the quality of one’s performance, I have thoroughly studied various training methods that have been highly effective and while building all of this training knowledge, I worked to create systems that will effectively and efficiently help people be successful as I climb my mountain of success.

Given your high level of athletic achievements, were there any key takeaways learned along the way that you utilized for your coaching programs?

OS: You can be coached and trained to learn and accomplish anything you set your mind to. We are the only ones who put ceilings on ourselves and we are the only ones who can remove our ceilings and reach for the stars. Integrity is everything and it is a mountain with no top. Bring your best to everything you do, live in line with your commitments, do what you say you’re going to do, what you know to do, and what others expect you to do and you will be successful. The only thing standing in your way is you. Get out of your own way and run towards everything you want. When you’re running to success you will trip, you will fall, and you might even get cut up or break a couple of bones, but if you keep running and stop at nothing, you will reach your destination. It’s all about hard work. The wealthy one is the one who appreciates. Strategy and discipline are two of the biggest keys to success. Plan your work and work your plan. Most people escape to happy hour or the weekend, when they need to escape to life!

Omar SobhyThe mental game is much more important than the physical in sports and in life! Success is an ultra-marathon, which is a series of many small segments. Focus on the next step and don’t forget the big picture. And make sure you take care of the small things! When you forget to take care of small things or put them off, they become big things. Also, the difference between silver and gold at the Olympics is often a split second. Focus on getting as many little wins as possible each day and the little wins will become big wins over time.

Where does your motivation come from to stay consistent with your fitness and career and strive to assist others with theirs?

OS: My motivation comes from my mission to help 100 million people find health, happiness, and success and live lives they love every moment of. The more I learn and grow, the more effective I am in helping others and the bigger difference I can make for more people. The difference I make for others is my motivation. Period.

When you first started out, were there any major obstacles or setbacks you had to overcome?

OS: Integrity was the biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome – more in terms with bringing my best and living in line with my commitments than anything. When you’re committed to being a champion squash player, after going out and eating pizza and cake, you would be out of integrity. That’s just an example – there can be lighter and heavier moments where your integrity is out and God wakes you up to reality and puts you back on the straight path. Being out of integrity is one of the worst feelings in the world once you realize the impact on yourself and others. Realizing the impact is also the best way to get in touch with reality and start climbing the mountain with no top that integrity is. Being at the highest levels of integrity, you feel unstoppable and your life is very workable. Integrity is discipline, it’s strength, it’s bringing your best to everything you take on and doing with a smile no matter what circumstances are around. Integrity is everything and it is the key to success.

What’s the hardest part of implementing new habits into a new client’s life

OS: Discipline and consistency. Things are motivating and exciting on day 1, however, keeping things going for a lifetime and really living in line with your commitments are not as easy. Therefore, being present to your goals and commitments and motivation are like working out – it’s recommended daily. Print your goals out, frame them, and sign them to become more present to them. Also, I recommend writing them out and carrying them in your pocket everywhere with you.

In addition to dieting and work-outs, do you teach your students about supplements? If so, which ones do you recommend?

OS: Different people with different goals could use different supplements. One thing that is always constant is that I always stress the importance of nutrition. Eating small, balanced, frequent, healthy meals and drinking plenty of water make a huge difference in performance. I often tell my clients,

“treat your body like a formula 1 car and keep your tank filled with premium fuel.”

Do you allow your clients to have cheat days? 

OS: Sometimes cheat days can be a good thing. They can help you get out of a plateau. After taking some time off of training or breaking your healthy eating patters, most people usually feel inclined to step things up and reach a new peak.

Do you have any role model or mentors who helped you achieve the success you are today?

OS: My dad, Khaled Sobhy, is my biggest mentor. He was a talented squash player who immigrated to the U.S. from Egypt at age 25. He began his career coaching squash in Vail, Colorado, until he was offered a job on Wall Street. He truly lives his principles of “no excuses”, “make it  happen” and “don’t take no for an answer”, and has given his heart and soul to his kids and all of his clients.

My friend and coach, Will Pointer, is the most generous man in the world who helped me get out of one of the biggest slumps of my life and inspired me to find greatness in myself and my life again. He lives to give and is an inspiration in the difference he makes for others. My real estate mentors, Robyn Thompson and Chuck Biter, two very successful real estate entrepreneurs who have taken me under their wing and whom I have learned a tremendous amount about being a successful real estate entrepreneur from.

All of the books I’ve read, courses I’ve taken, and clients I’ve had are also mentors of mine, especially the Metropolitan Club of the City of Washington Membership, who have helped me so much. Massive thanks to all of those who have played a part in my mentorship and it opens up my role as a mentor now and my duty to serve my mentees as best I can.

Omar Sobhy Best Abs eBook

Your new digital program is extremely comprehensive and offers the ability to get fit in 20 minutes with body weight movements, which really anyone could do. Congratulations 🙂 Tell us more about your new website and huge digital product launch.

OS: Thank you. My website is a culmination of everything I’ve learned over the years packaged in ready-made step-by-step systems and programs that are designed to help as many people as possible find health, happiness, and success.

My E-books include:

 TWENTY MINUTE FITNESS – featuring over six months of body weight workouts that will help you burn fat, build lean muscle, boost energy and metabolism, and bolster brain power and mood, all outlined in a simple system that takes just twenty minutes a day.

 BEST ABS – I prayed for a six pack at 12 years old and after working my tail off for years, I’ve had one ever since I was 15 (had to shed some serious pounds and build some muscle first).

AB TRAINING DO’S & DON’TS – Secrets I’ve learned over the years to help you get the most out of your ab workouts and get the six pack you’ve always wanted.

NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES – eat your way to the health and body you want and learn nutritional guidelines to live by that will help you stay healthy, while you enjoy a balanced life.

CARDIO ROUTINES – the most effective and simple cardio routines that will help you live a long, healthy, and happy life.

THE 30 DAY HEALTH CHALLENGE – Challenge yourself to ultimate health, happiness, and success with this 30 day challenge.

12 STEPS TO GOAL SETTING – Vague goals produce vague results, and using highly effective systems of setting goals with highly effective structures for fulfillment produce highly successful results.

Omar Sobhy eBooks

DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE – Find your path and discover the future that you really want and the next steps on your road to success.

FIT LIFE CHALLENGE – challenge yourself to the ultimate fitness in life where each day unbelievable growth occurs.

SUCCESSFUL FUTURE – the quality of your life is determined by your thinking and the quality of the questions you ask. Think big and take answer and ask questions that will take your life to the next level.

THE INTERVIEW – Connect deeply, authentically, and vulnerably with anyone and create relationships you love.

TWENTY MINUTE SUCCESS – Be successful in just twenty minutes a day with this highly effective subconscious mind training routine.

THE TWO WEEK BREAKTHROUGH – Go from where you are to where you want to be in two weeks and create habits and systems that will propel you to success.

Everything I do is geared towards helping people find happiness, health, and success. I also offer online coaching, where I have weekly  coaching calls with my clients and design programs for them to help them with the areas of life that they’d like to work on the most.

What are your future plans and goals?

OS: My ultimate goal is to help 100 million people find health, happiness and success. I am planning on accomplishing this by writing a New York Times Best Seller, public speaking, expanding my website through additional outreach, eBook creation, and services, and expanding my business through new hires and partnerships.


I am also working towards launching a real estate private equity fund for my residential rehabilitation and development. The fund is scheduled to launch in Q3 of 2016 and will be a one year pilot fund, offering 12%+ to investors, who can email me at if they are interested in learning more about our private equity launch.

I am also working towards doing my first commercial deal, which I plan on completing before 2020. The project is still in the infancy phases, but it’s always been a dream to develop a residential building on the city skyline. I applied to Georgetown McDonough School of Business and am praying that good news comes my way this year for a 2016 start.

Lastly, I have a product, the “Sobhy Sock” which I am looking to take to market before 2018.

We recently had the opportunity to work together to create ebook covers for your coaching business. How would you describe your overall experience with Natalie Minh Interactive? Did all your thoughts and ideas come across easily?

Natalie Minh has been instrumental throughout the development of my website and the preparation for the launch. I would not even be close to where I am today with my website without her guidance. I want to give her a huge thank you for everything she’s done for me and for all of the other fitness entrepreneurs who she has helped pursue their dreams.

Any shout outs?

Shout out to:
Natalie Minh for all of her help with my website.
My family for always being there for me.
Will Pointer for being the most generous person I know.
The Sobhy Companies Team for all of their help throughout the website development and launch

Where can we find you on the Internet?

Visit (Launching 3/1/16)
Follow Omar Sobhy on Facebook
Follow @twentyminutefitness on Instagram
Follow Omar Sobhy on Pinterest
Follow Omar Sobhy’s Youtube Channel

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