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Interview with the Founder and Creator of Midori Matcha

Business / Featured / Home Featured / Interviews / Nutrition / Photography / Photoshoots / Recommendations / November 10, 2014

When you have a product that people love and appreciate
– you will never have to chase money.

Jason Dmitry Steinbuchel - Midori Matcha

Jason Dmitry Steinbuchel is in business and advertising and currently live in Pasadena, CA. He is the founder/CEO of Midori Matcha. He attended Art Center College of Design and ended up starting a mini ad agency/media production company with his business partner in 2010, called 1st Point Media, located in Los Angeles. It was an exciting adventure as they have developed some exciting partnerships with top fitness and health clients. They had the privilege of working with Muscle and Fitness, GNC, Powertec,, Prozis, Cirque du Soleil and many more.

Jason started to venture in this business of creating Matcha for he loves both health and nutrition. He loved teas and lifting weights. A year ago he visited Tokyo, Japan and was fascinated by the people, architecture, and culture. What made the most impact were tea ceremonies and the fact that Japanese take their health and tea very seriously. He traveled to a town called Uji and discovered the beauty of green tea culture.

He learned about green tea harvesting, health benefits and the way to enjoy the tea in a ceremonial way.  It was that very “Zen” moment when he decided on the idea to bring Matcha to the Western world and show people that it can be a healthier alternative to coffee with just as much of a fun kick to it – if not more. Sure, there is some Matcha presence in the Western world but nobody really understands the health benefits of this superfood as it is usually the lower quality Matcha that is packed in more mainstream American sugary drinks. He wanted to build another business out of passion and out of something he truly enjoyed and believed in.

When it comes to business – he is not really motivated by profits but by the process of creating and the actual product. Jason believes that when you have a product that people love and appreciate – you will never have to chase money. Most importantly, when you have a product that can change lives and impact people to be healthier and more active – you can truly grow into something really impactful.

What is Matcha tea and what was your inspiration to use Matcha green tea in the sports market?

Matcha is made from raw ground, green tea leaves, it’s widely considered one of the world’s healthiest beverages. In fact, one serving of matcha is equal to drinking ten cups of ordinary green tea. From our perspective, it’s just about the nicest thing you can do for your body. For centuries, Samurai warriors have used matcha to increase their energy, strength, and focus. The secret is in matcha’s high concentration of L-Theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid. A single cup provides up to 6 hours of steady energy and enhanced concentration.

Jason Dmitry Steinbuchel - Midori Matcha

Matcha is packed with vibrant green Chlorophyll which helps the body cleanse itself of harmful chemicals and toxins. Matcha contains more antioxidants than any fruit or vegetable on the planet. These powerful nutrients supercharge your immune system, boost metabolism and help you lose weight faster. Once you try it, it will become a healthy addiction. I am usually up very early in the morning and take it 15 minutes before my fasted workout and notice that it gives me incredible energy and focus which lasts for many hours after my workout is done.

How is Midori Matcha different than other matcha/green tea? Do you get the same benefits if the tea is prepared hot or cold?

Midori Matcha is USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO and we use the highest grade Ceremonial Matcha – which is imported from the heart of the Matcha land in Japan. A lot of people don’t know but not all Matcha is created equal and a lot of companies sell lower quality Matcha which is bitter and less vibrant in green color. There are many different shades and colors of Matcha, kind of like with Coffee. At Midori, we don’t have to mask our delicious naturally sweet Matcha flavor with extra sugars and additives as the highest grade Ceremonial Matcha naturally tastes sweet and aromatic for practically zero calories. At Midori, everything about our brand is eco-friendly. From our packaging process to the materials we use, everything is recyclable and BPA free. Matcha can be enjoyed hot or cold and you can get very similar health benefits.

What are the nutritional benefits of drinking Midori Matcha Tea as a supplement to improve performances for athletes in training and those who are not?

You can look at Matcha as the next generation of pre-workout drinks minus all the bad and harmful stuff that a lot of pre-workout drinks have. Our biggest message is that it comes straight from mother Earth and requires very little processing before it can fuel your performance, increase focus and improve your health. We are developing a good amount of fitness fans who purely use Midori Matcha in their protein shakes or just as pre-workouts. Check out some of our testimonials on Instagram, under #charginglives.

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Throughout history, teas had been enhanced with different flavors and different aromatic substances. How does Midori Matcha differentiate from regular teas sold in local markets?

Midori Matcha is 100% USDA Organic Certified and we use the highest quality Ceremonial Grade Matcha. We don’t like to use any external flavors in our tea, as we believe fresh tea has plenty of aromatic flavor on its own.

You have 2 products now in store, can you tell us more about Midori Matcha Organic Iced teas and Midori Matcha Ceremonial Stone-Ground Powder?

We have the original stone ground Ceremonial grade Matcha powder if you like to enjoy your tea in a hot/original way. Midori Cold Brew Matcha is for those on the go, who still want the delicious flavor, energy and all the awesome health benefits. I think this will be really popular as a Cold Brew tea in the U.S, as a lot of us don’t know how much we are missing out until we’ve tried Cold Brew Matcha. At the moment, we have the unflavored original Cold Brewed Matcha, and also the lightly sweetened with Organic Honey version for those with a bit more of a sweet tooth. Our Organic Honey Cold Brewed Matcha still has under 50 calories, to make it fit your calorie budget. Our cold brewed Matcha will hit store shelves in January.

Jason Dmitry Steinbuchel - Midori Matcha

We had the opportunity to work together in creating amazing photographs. How would you describe your overall experience with Natalie Minh Photography? Why did you decide to trust us with the images for your company?

Natalie is a great friend, who opened up new opportunities for 1st Point Media and hence I’ve always believed in her art and wanted to support her venture by shooting with her. She is a true professional and always does what she says by delivering a quality product. Most importantly, she is creative, funny and has the appreciation for dirty jokes. What’s not to like.

Were your expectations met during the shoot? Are you satisfied with the quality of images you received?

Yes. Absolutely and will be shooting again.

For future reference, how can future clients contact you through the internet for more information on Midori Matcha and its products?

Our website is,
Facebook page is:

Any shout outs?

Of course. My best friend and inspiration, Rob Riches. Our awesome creative and design team: Bruce, Jennifer, and John. You guys are awesome, and Midori Matcha wouldn’t be here without you.

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