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Gypsy Jetsetter: “Your Airline’s Either Got It Or It Hasn’t” – Virgin Atlantic

Travel / Travel Schedule / October 9, 2013

Airlines around the world have been struggling in the last few years with declining ticket sales and have searched for new ways to become profitable again, whilst inconveniencing passengers with extra charges and less service in the meantime.

Virgin is one of the few airlines left that still leaves people a little awe-inspired. Their £6M global ad campaign brings back the elegance, charm, service and perks that the industry once had. A few others that are still up there include South African Airways, Singapore Airlines and Emirates. (Virgin Atlantic is partly owned by Singapore Airlines).

When it comes down to it, consumers are most often interested in brand image, as well as their experience with the brand. Thanks to experiential marketing such as Virgin’s, we will hopefully see the travel industry prosper soon again!


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