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Exercise and Diet Necessary in Maintaining Results of Liposuction

Diet / Food / guest posts / Lose weight / Nutrition / Slide Gallery / September 16, 2013

Liposuction is an effective method of removing stubborn pockets of fat from under the skin. However, this does not mean those who have undergone the procedure no longer have to worry about regaining weight. They must follow necessary steps to maintain their lean bodies.

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells, leading to fewer fat cells in the targeted areas. While fat re-growth will be limited in these areas, fat cells in other areas may pick up the slack and start adding weight. Studies show that appropriate measures must be taken to avoid the storage of visceral fat deep within the abdomen, which increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.



Strength-Training-for-WomenAccording to Fabiana Braga Benatti, a researcher at the University of Sao Paulo, it is very important for people who choose to undergo liposuction to take regular exercises after surgery. Benatti and colleagues recruited 36 women aged between 20 and 35 who volunteered to undergo liposuction to remove between 2.5 and 3 lbs of their abdominal fat.

Half of the women were randomly assigned on an exercise regime that included five minutes of warm-up, strength training and treadmill exercises three times a week. After six months, the women who did not exercise added 10 percent of visceral fat. On the other hand, the group that exercised had less body fat overall, showed improved sensitivity to insulin and got physically fitter.

Proper Diet

It is important for people who have taken liposuction to follow appropriate diet plans during recovery and after the procedure.


Recovery Phase:

Liposuction taxes the body, and the types of food eaten during recovery should help the skin and muscles to heal. Protein is important in the generation of new body cells; hence a high-protein diet speeds up the recovery process. However, it is important to stay within the appropriate calorie range considering that it may be difficult to work out during the few weeks after surgery.

Recommended types of food include oatmeal, rice, steamed and softened vegetables, apple sauce, protein shakes, smoothies and yogurt.


After Liposuction:Soy-whey-protein-diet

Different people need different types of food to give the muscles enough nutrients and promote a healthy heart. However, they can return to normal diet after the healing process so long as they monitor their calorie intake. They should preferably take smaller portions frequently.

Recommended foods include whole grains, lean protein, soy-based foods, leafy green vegetables, healthy fats, fresh and dried fruits and food supplements.

Poor eating habits, including reliance on overly-processed foods, may trigger weight gain.


The most challenging part of liposuction is neither the surgery nor period of post-operation discomfort. The real challenge comes in maintaining the new physique after the process. It is important to realize that the procedure is not a quick-fix solution to removing excess fat: it is meant to remove exercise- and diet-resistant deposits of fat in particular areas. Exercising and taking a healthy diet still play an important role in maintaining the body after liposuction.

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About The Author

Sherrel Aston, a plastic surgeon who heads the department of plastic surgery at New York’s Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, explains that liposuction is a cosmetic contouring procedure that trims, tones and tightens physique. However, people still have to do all sensible things to maintain its results and prevent compensatory weight gain.


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