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Behind The Plate: Organic Salmon Egg Scramble

Diet / Food / Nutrition / Recipes / August 17, 2013

Recipe By: Dmitry Steinbuchel

Organic Salmon Egg Scramble

Who needs Urth Cafe? This dinner or breakfast is high in quality protein, low in carbohydrates, and moderate in healthy Omega 3 fats.

Mix 4 egg whites with 2 whole organic eggs, throw on the hot pan, which was oiled in Coconut Oil. Once the eggs are starting to look a bit cooked, throw some mushrooms, tomatoes, and red onions. When the eggs look rather cooked, throw a little bit of low fat shredded cheese, and 4oz of chopped Smoked Salmon. Mix it and enjoy.

Yes, you can eat delicious food and stay in shape. It’s all about having fun with cooking and making the right ingredient choices. Make this dish for your loved one, and they will appreciate it.

I’ve tasted some damn good omelets before, but no kidding – this tasted amazing. Give it a try.

All clean ingredients and whole food! Cheers

Sinfully Healthy Food

My name is Dmitry and I created this page because I got tired of many of us making excuses to eat poorly and neglect our health. With many diseases and obesity on the rise, I feel like it is my duty as a citizen to educate and inspire to make us a little healthier. Diets do not work because diets make people miserable, I want to share with you a way of how you can make your proper eating a delicious lifestyle – that does not require calorie counting or weighing food. I am excited to share with you how you can cook and plan delicious meals that will transform your body and mind. My goal is to present you the science behind foods, and help discover which natural foods are the right types for you – which will help with achieving your dream body. Let’s reveal the truth behind food manufacturers and see the hidden ingredients that make us overweight, tired and sick.I am not here to sell you any wallet draining fat loss pills, bullshit supplements or shake weights. I am here to share a philosophy – that with a little bit of discipline you will be able to achieve greatness. Improved physical health and mental strength that will not only impact you, but positively inspire the lives of others.


Natalie Minh

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