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Best Ways To Stay Fit While Travelling

Diet / Exercise / Featured / Fitness / Fitness model / Food / guest posts / Gym / Healthy / Lose weight / Nutrition / Slide Gallery / July 31, 2013

weight loss while travelling

Travelling is an excuse that we often use to get out of shape. But, for most of us it becomes a bit difficult in getting into shape while travelling. Trust me, it’s really possible. For doing this you have to be determined. Preparation and planning are the keys for achieving your goal. Below given are some tips to remain fit while travelling.

 Fitness Centers

1. Choose hotels having fitness facilities:

Before going on your coming trip, you must find out that the hotel in which you are going to stay has fitness facility A set of dumbbells at least will be helpful. If it is not there then find out the where the nearest fitness facility is situated. So, plan to work out at that place.

FMI 728x90

Unfortunately, if you can’t find a fitness facility or if that place does not have one (which is hard to believe), then you must try doing some primary workouts. Those basic workouts will include push-ups, pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, squats (without any weights). Even calf-raises and lunges without weights along with leg raises and crunches. They must be performed for five sets, thrice a week. You must take a rest of 30 seconds after completing each set. You should also try to do as many reps as possible.

Running Outdoors

2. Run to stay fit

First thing you must do during your rest days is to run. Run for 20-30 minutes in the morning on those days when you are resting. These routine have some simple requirements. All you need for setting the routine is a park. A park with chin-up bars and parallel bars can be more helpful. If there is no park around then you can easily carry a portable chin-up bar which can be placed inside the hotel room.

Once you are back home, then you can continue with your previous full routine for working out. You can also follow whatever fitness program you were doing after that.

healthy Food habits

3. Stay alert about your food:

You have to get creative with your diet if you want to stay fit. You can avoid having fatty foods like the French fries if fast food is that much needed. Rather, you can try out different salads and other foods rich in protein. These foods provide you with fiber and fill you up. High fat dressings and high sugar are the things that should be avoided. You can also carry some protein bars with you. This will help you in staying prepared with all the needed meals for the day. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast. Try to keep your lunch. You can try salad or whole grain wrap for not feeling sleepy. Then enjoy your dinner with some thin meat and vegetables and even a glass of wine


4. Drink lots of water:

Drink lots of refreshing cold water. That will help you to stay focused and full. It will keep your mind off croissants and donuts.

sight seeing

5. Try ditching the cab:

If you are going out for some sightseeing or even for a dinner at restaurant, try avoiding the cabs. Instead, get the directions and walk there. You can take help of your smart phones. Walking will help you to burn some extra calories. It will also help you to see a new city. Walking back to the hotel will be a nice way to end the evening. Your guilt of having the debased dessert will also be eased.


About the Author

This is a guest post written by Catherine Tressa, a travel blogger from London who loves to express her recent journeys. I Write articles for blogs and websites during my free time currently I am focusing on ESTA which is now mandatory for all travelers to the USA who plan to enter the country by air or sea.

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