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2012 Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale Overall Winner Results

Competition / Exercise / Featured / Figure / Fitness / Fitness model / Fitness Photographer / Inspiration / Slide Gallery / October 3, 2012

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CONGRATULATIONS to the Overall Winners of the 2012 Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale:

Male Fashion Model Mehmet Edip
Female Fashion Model Natalie Eva Marie
Male Fitness Model David Kimmerle
Female Fitness Model Alexa Trafalis
Miss Bikini Loni Willison

All Overall Winners will receive a modeling agency contract offer from the Director of Booking, Karen Osborn, Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited LA, Photoshoots with myself, Noel Daganta, and others, Magazine cover opportunities, FMI Scholarships, cash prizes, and so much more. Many more prizes for category winners and even 2nd-5th place finishers as well.

Competitors walked away from this event with direct connections into the Entertainment Industry (talent agents, casting directors, publicists, celebrities contact info), packed gift bags from, Jenny Karl Makeup Agency, Kandy Wrappers, walked a top-class runway attended by full Hollywood paparazzi, celebs, pageant queens, etc, Hollywood Pool party networking event which was beyond successful as I saw the Hollywood agents cutting deals left and right, and a connection to Model & Fitness – an organization which will support them as their careers grow.


Event Host - Model Universe Melissa Cary

Event Host – Model Universe Melissa Cary

Fitness Talent, Meggan Clay & FMI Alum, Jennifer Sloan

Fitness Talent, Meggan Clay & FMI Alum, Jennifer Sloan

My measure of success: Was I was able to create real Entertainment industry opportunities for those who competed? My answer is A RESOUNDING YES! I’m so proud of each one of you who rocked that runway like Pros and took a leap of faith to be a part of our inaugural event. This was a unique event where your placing wasn’t as important as it was that you got out in front of the Industry market makers who are extremely hard to reach, connected with them visually and in person, and wrote your meal ticket into the Entertainment Industry.

Simply getting on stage is not enough to become a real model, but getting all of the right people into one room with the same business mindset is.

Here are more photos from the event:

Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale - The London West Hotel

The London West Hollywood

Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale Hotel venue

The London West Hollywood Hotel

 Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale Trophies

Alexa Trafalis, Overall Female Fitness Model Winner and Mehmet Edip Overall Male Fashion Model Winner

Alexa Trafalis, Overall Female Fitness Model Winner and Mehmet Edip Overall Male Fashion Model Winner

Frank Jones & Rachel Murray

FMI Alums Frank Jones & Rachel Murray

Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale Judges

Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale Entertainment Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale Entertainment

Here’s what people had to say about the event:

“I dare to say that the new breed of fitness are people like Natalie Minh creating unique opportunities for models and fans through her awesome model competition” – Pavel Yhtjall, Muscle & Fitness Chief Photographer

“At Model & Fitness, if you have the talent, they have assembled a production that will allow those that can do something with it, to see and interact with you. This is why I endorse them … legitimate career opportunities.” – Gary Augustine Warren, CEO & Co-Founder of Fitness and Sports Network (FAS-NET)

“I just want to say that Natalie Minh and Mitchie De Leon put on the most amazing contest I have ever seen.. I am so proud of you two..MODELANDFITNESS.COM – Renee Watroba, Top LA Fitness Talent Manager

“Natalie Minh’s event was amazing. She provided so many amazing opportunities for models.”Sharon Polsky, WBFF Pro/Fitness Model

“Excellent event!!! Keep them coming!!!”James Ellis, WBFF World Pro Champion/Fitness Model

“Congratulations job to Natalie LosAngeles Minh and co. for last nights Powertec Fitness & Model World Finals at the W Hollywood. One of the best fitness event I have ever attended. Fitness competition meets red carpet event. Amazing time. :-)”Noel Daganta, Top Fitness Photographer

Thank you so much to the entire M&F Team, friends and family that pitched up to help make this real, Jeremy Jackson for giving us your publicists to make us the Headliner event in Hollywood, the industry market makers aka our judging panel whose legitimacy and expertise selected winners who match the market, Sponsors of our event – Powertec/Dr. Garth Fisher/CausetheEvent/NatalieMinhPhotography/LA Entertainment Live/Elisabetta Rogiani/World Physique Mag/GlamFit Mag/NightSLU/FMI/Kandy Wrappers/, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some people but I still recovering and will tag you all personally with my appreciation! THANK YOU + MUCH LOVE!!

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Such an amazing event!!! Can’t wait for next year!!!

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