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Waiting for Tianna to Arrive…

nataie minh / Natalie Minh / Pregnancy & Parenthood / March 14, 2012

It’s been forever since I’ve put up a blog entry, been falling behind on social media as I prepare for my baby Tianna’s arrival in mid-April.  I’m 36 weeks preggo this week (full term is 40) and while I’ve been so lucky to have a nearly symptom-free and steady pregnancy most of the time, it has definitely caught up to me in the last month: swelling in both hands and feet (up a whole shoe size!), carpal tunnel in both hands/wrists and now wearing splints, exhaustion leading to dizziness, round ligament pain, and rapid weight gain.  I’m up 35 lbs right now, wouldn’t doubt if I hit 40lbs by the time Tianna makes it to the world.  Aren’t you jealous?!  LOL

Since March 1, I decided to focus on working from home, no more shooting until June.  I love the flexibility that I have where I can wake up whenever the baby kicks me awake, such as today at 4:30am, jump on my computer, slam away at work until I get sleepy again, nap, and repeat until late at night. But nonetheless, I’m working maybe 6-8 hours a day vs. the 12-13 hours a day pre-pregnancy.  The guilt of not being as productive bothers me a bit.  And also not keeping up with friends like I usually do.  Apologizes during this time! Please bear with me, this whole preggo business is more challenging than I thought!

OK outside of work and thinking about baby/family…  Excited that my mom and dad are moving from Ft. Lauderdale this week to LA with us as we prepare for our Little One. I pick my mom up from the airport tonight and my dad will be driving in after making a cross-country trip early next week.  I’m really happy to be able to have them here in LA since their kids all live here and their closest friends are all here as well.  Mom’s home cooking, Dad as handy helper, family stories, and help to prepare for a move in May/June as our lease goes up (gotta find a bigger place)… love my family.  I’m also pleased to see how this little baby is bringing joy to both grandparents’ lives and giving them some new excitement.  My mom confided in me recently that “retirement is boring!”  With a newborn around, I’m sure that feeling is going to go away real fast.

My baby shower is at the end of this month and starting to collect an odds and ends of baby supplies.  Lucky to have inherited a gorgeous crib from some dear friends as well.  I think I’m just going to set my mom loose in my apartment to get this place baby ready…

Everything else during this pregnancy is considered healthy and normal.  Tianna is a strong baby, I can feel her body/arm/fists/feet/knees as she twists and turns in my belly.  She gets the hiccups about once a day for 5-10 min and you’ll see my belly having rhythmic jumps as she is working out her little breathing.  Thinking and dreaming about her every day, imagining what I’m going to teach her and show her.  I can’t wait to be a mommy!  LOVE.


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on March 25, 2012

Can’t wait to welcome her too!!!! Love you Natty!!!

on April 30, 2012

I am so happy for you!

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