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Fun Finds on the Internet – Shopping Therapy

Fashion Tips / Recommendations / Slide Gallery / March 26, 2012

I love when I stumble upon some blogger’s post about all the cool little finds that they find on the internet so I thought that I’d share some of the sites that I dig.


Birchbox sends you nice sized beauty trials on a monthly basis for $10/month. The box is cool, the little items inside feel like you’re gifting yourself once a month and it just makes me smile. My mom gave me a slightly hard time about spending money on swag but lo and behold, when my first box came in two weeks ago, she was playing in the box and ooooh and ahhhh about how fun the items were. 😉  I think that this makes a fun gift for other women.. recommend.

Need a hot dress for the night out? Saw something that Kim Kardashian was rocking in US Weekly but can’t afford the name brand? Celeb Boutique comes to the rescue. They are unbelievably fast at coming to market with the latest celebrity fashion wear, specifically dresses. Side note, I’m also a huge fan of, which is the original and British version of this celebrity fashion concept, if you’re looking for a more diverse selection of cool apparel.

Celeb Boutique has hot dresses without looking too skanky. Living in LA and bouncing a bit between Miami and Vegas, I think I’ve seen it all and I feel like I can wear this website’s apparel without losing my dignity or looking like a cougar trying to squeeze into a teenie bopper’s clothing line.

I recently had my awesome photo editor create 3 different wedding album layouts from all of my wedding photos and then printed them out over at Blurb (one for each set of parents and a master for me). Really happy with the quality of paper, cover, colors, and speed of shipping. I upgraded my paper to the Proline series and also Imagewrap hard cover… totally worth it. BTW, if you need graphic design album layout services, let me know… my editor/graphic designer has been designing wedding books for years and can make your memories even more special.

Yipit is an aggregator of alllll of those Groupon-like sites that have been popping up.  It’s tough to be getting 5-10 different saver site emails daily, I just end up deleting them usually.  With Yipit, I can see in one shot the 250-300 local deals daily.  Seriously cool.  If you download the iPhone app, the GPS function will allow you to see all of the deals in your local vicinity, which is especially useful for a metropolitan like Los Angeles.



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