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Interview with Italian Bodybuilder Cristian Guastella

Bodybuilding / Exercise / Featured / Fitness model / Fitness Photographer / Photography / Photoshoots / Slide Gallery / Training / August 11, 2011

I met Christian while at the 2011 MuscleMania World Championships in Miami last June where he was competing in the Bodybuilding division.  In between Preliminaries and Finals, we ran to South Beach, did a quick one hour shoot and bounced back to his hotel so he could get his tan on, chicken breasts cooked and eaten, and quickly get back to the Hyatt Miami for the Finals. Although we were under a tight time constraint to get it all done, I’m happy to say that our results were awesome.  Check out this gorgeous Italian’s interview for a peek into his natural bodybuilding path.

Italian Bodybuilder Cristian Guastella

The Interview

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1. Tell us about yourself (where you live, occupation, education, family, etc)?

Hello, my name is Cristian Guastella I am 30 years old and i’m a single! I live in Italy in Ragusa a “smiling  town” distance only 20 minutes from Mediterraneo sea. Working with my brother in our supplement stores, I like giving advice to people to achieve their goals! In free time I like to fish or take care of my vintage car, a Lancia Fulvia Coupe.

2. What got you started in bodybuilding?

I’ve always been a sportsman, I was athletic in school, I was a sprinter. I was 14 years old when I went to a bodybuilding gym for the first time, immediately love. The friends with whom I went to get tired early but not me, so begins my journey of self-taught. Reading all the fitness magazines and tried various tips about me.

3. For  this photoshoot you came in top shape and hitting the bodybuilding circuit. Can you tell us a little more about the show(s), how you felt going into it, anything that you would change for the next show?

The experience of the Miami Univers was fantastic! Many athletes from all over the world, all well prepared and trained. The organization of the show is cured in every detail, and the location is a dream. Definitely will be back next year. I want to win!  🙂

4. Why  did you choose your current bodybuilding federation?

I chose the Musclemania because it gives me the opportunity to compare myself with the best natural athlete in the world, is a strong motivation for me to reach my goal, to become a PRO.

5. Tell us about your on-season training and off-season training. What’s your diet like and what supplements do you use to prepare for your show?

During the off-season I am always very lean, this allows me to prepare for a competition in 6 / 8 weeks. The training is divided over 4 days to work out twice a week in which ABS and Calf and once everything else. I perform 4 exercises for major muscle groups and 3 for secondary, repetitions are 12/15 and 1 minute recovery. Aerobic training to carry out this always on wake up 2 / 3 time a week for 30/45 minutes. The last 4 weeks I post the Pose Down and the preparation of routine, at the end of workout.

My precontest diet consists of lean proteins, healt fat, and moderate carbs from vegetable, divided over 6 daily meals, I prefer the fish a white meat!! i Love Tilapia Fish!! I Used different Supplement: Omega-3s – CLA – Glutamine – BCAAs and PreWorkout whit arginine

Italian Bobybuilder Cristian Guastella

6. What does it take to be a bodybuilder? What type of commitment is involved and what are the things you have to give up so you can compete in the sport?

To be able to be competitive in this sport is mainly perseverance and dedication, it’s a lifestyle! Genetics has a strong role, but an average athlete who works hard will most certainly resultin a genetically gifted athlete who is not constant.

7. Looking back at the beginner bodybuilder version of yourself, what would you tell him?

Looking back I am very happy with my path, one regret: first started to compete!!

8. What tips would you give to someone who wants to embark in the endeavor of competing in bodybuilding? What qualities must they possess?

My advice to beginner and preset goals to reach and do not lose sight of. The perseverance and tenacity I have to be your allies!

9. What’s next on your plate? When and where can we expect to see you compete?

I’ll be back to compete in November for the Fitness Weekend in Las Vegas. I am committed to the maximum. The weight increases the fat no! I’m looking for a sponsor to work with, I think my image represents the model to which many aspire, impeccable line and proportionate muscle mass.

10. Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

Nobody is unbeatable!!

11. Last words, where can we find you on the internet. (Will be great if you want people to find your business)

I thank my brother with whom I share work in addition to the preparation. And he care! I thank Natalie Minh and his staff for the wonderful Photoshoot. I thank the readers of the magazine, I will be happy to meet you on facebook, Greetings from Italy, CIAO.


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