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EZ Recipe: Blueberry Banana Protein Pancake

Diet / Featured / Fitness / Fitness model / Food / Healthy / Lose weight / Nutrition / Recipes / May 27, 2011


1/3 cup oats
4 egg whites
½ banana
¼ cup berries
½ scoop vanilla protein
Stevia to taste ( about 1 -2 packets)
Dash of Cinnamon

FMI 728x90


Blend all ingredients together and cook on top pf the stove or on a skillet like a pancake. Awesome topped with natural almond butter and additional berries/banana slices!

* Can also make this same recipe substituting different fruits such as strawberries, apples, blackberries, raspberries, etc.


Nutrition Facts

Calories: 306
Fat: 2 grams
Carbs: 39 grams
Protein: 36 grams



Stay tuned for more recipes by Emily Zaler.


Fitness Model Emily Zaler

Emily Zaler is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Fitness Model, Author of The EZ Whey Cookbook, Contributor to Oxygen Magazine, Muscle and FItness Hers Online, and

Emily is also a Personal Chef, and Owner of The EZ Whey LLC. The EZ Whey has over 65 clean eating recipes that are perfect whether you are a competitor, athlete, trying to lose or gain weight, or just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Emily will be releasing EZWhey Volume 02 this summer along with an iphone/ipad/ipod touch app!

For more, check out her cookbook, The EZ Whey, at and

Follow Emily on Twitter:

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