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The 2011 Zodiac Fashion Guide

Modeling / December 10, 2010

Original article by Andrea Grace of

Fashion is all about personality and Astrology is the easiest and fun way to define character.  Check out your astrology guide to fashion below.

The images are from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 4, Episode 4 “Calendar Zodiac Sign” photographed by Tracy Bayne. In this episode, the twelve remaining girls became the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Kahlen Aries

Model: Kahlen

Arians are trendsetters in fashion and clothing. They have a good taste but can sometimes look ridiculous with their wears. They have liking for sexy and bold styles to draw attention towards them. For men, narrow trousers with traditional white shirt with cufflings would certainly look great and can boost their confidence. For women, the most modern look would be knee length shirt or black tight trousers with well-fitted shirt.


Model: Keenyah

Your clothes must feel comfortable and feminine but they must also be appropriate for whatever role you are playing when wearing them. It’s likely that you’ll be tempted to go for a sexy sultry style but you have to be very carefully while dressing up. You have to combine your choice of color and fabric with comfort and femininity which will make you comfortable, whether at work or play. Wear rich dark colors at the beginning of the year and the dark blues to purples will work surprisingly well for you later on. Your shape is soft and feminine and your star sign colors are red lemon mix, blues and pinks.

Tatiana Gemini

Model: Tatiana

Anything goes here! Gemini’s dual personality favors all kinds of looks and styles. Gemini’s closets is brimming with outfits for every occasion. They love color and funky styles that are youth oriented. Gemini enjoy wearing a worn pair of sexy blue jeans with a tank top just as much as they love to dress up in a velvet evening gown or black tie tux. The part of the body that Gemini rules are the hands so, bangle bracelets and pretty rings are some of their cherished accessories. Gemini also have a weakness for purses.

Tiffany Cancer

Model: Tiffany

The beautiful, feminine white blouses available now should warm your heart, Cancer. Pair them with one of the new fitted and flared ankle-length skirts or a simple pair of jeans for an uncluttered look. An embroidered, pastel peasant top and long skirt belted at the hip would suit you nicely, as would a sultry, scoop-neck, above-the-knee floral dress with scalloped hem in a luscious ice cream shade, with metallic sandals.

Noelle Leo

Model: Noelle

You are confidence personified. Your style has a regal air about it and it shines with brilliance, serenity and confidence. Your shape is striking, angular and flowing, helping to enhance that wonderful natural royal quality you possess and your star sign colors are golden or red. Dark shades compliment you royal style and you will be surprised at the impact it causes on your lifestyle.

Rebecca Virgo

Model: Rebecca

Virgos are quick to spot with that prim and proper look. They wear the most revealing clothes or daring clothes and can look sensational even in casuals. For men, button down collar shirt with black tie would make most women weak in legs. For women, sleek matching pant suit with T shirt tops would look fantastic. The purity and sacredness of white color add appeal to their virginal looks. Intricate hand-painted designs and delicate embroidery work on dresses make them look sensational. They should avoid wearing huge or junk pieces of jewellery.

Christina Libra

Model: Christina

Harmony in appearance is your keynote. You search for a style which can teach others ways of achieving balance. You believe in harmony and thus your fashion statement is to bring out beauty into your environment. Your shape is soft and flowing and your star sign colors are light to mid-blue, dark rose and black. Make the most of the lovely rich rose reds that are around in the early part of the year and the lilacs that are likely to appear throughout the summer because these colors will bring out the best in you.


Model: Brandy

Women radiate seduction even in the simplest fashion pieces or outfits. If you are under the Zodiac sign Scorpio, try wearing a lacy camisole top or embellished blouse with lacy or ruffled details under a structured suit, which really brings out the sexy appeal of Scorpios.

Brittany Sagittarius

Model: Brittany

No-fuss is your mantra, Sagittarius, yet you like to cut a dramatic figure. You’d look terrific all day long in a comfortable, ankle-length, fitted drop waist dress with wide, dolman sleeves. Also made for you are the new long jean skirts with patch pockets and flared silhouette, worn with a simple cotton peasant t-shirt trimmed in lace and belted at the hip. Your exotic eye would also delight in a new ruffled, sheer blouse.

Naima Capricorn

Model: Naima

Goats are very serious about their wardrobe. They look for good quality clothing and often designer labels. They usually wear tailored clothing, suits and well fitted pieces. Gray, brown, tans, some blue and khaki are traditional Capricorn colors. They enjoy attention getting outfits but not the flashy fashions. Their briefcases and purses are status symbols and often will spend quite a bit of money for wallets and bags. They prefer comfortable, luxurious style clothing and would never think of going out in a pair of sweatpants unless they were a designer brand. Goats do not like rhinestones and glitz.

Michelle Aquarius

Model: Michelle

The Zodiac sign Aquarius represents women who are free-spirited and rebellious. Aquarians can shift from style to style and still look good. An example would be a crochet dress with a tunic worn underneath best represents free spirited individuals like Aquarius women.

Lluvy Pisces

Model: Lluvy

Pisces rules the feet and therefore many Fish absolutely adore shoes. Pisces of both sexes tend to have a closet full of shoes. Fish are the daydreamers of the zodiacs so the women look for romantic fashions; chiffons and shimmering materials. Many prefer to wear skirts and dresses over pantsuits. They adore jewelry and often wear too much at one time, adorning themselves with gold, silver and precious gemstones.

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