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Fitness Modeling Tip – What should I have in my Portfolio?

Fitness model / Fitness Photographer / Modeling / Photoshoots / Slide Gallery / October 25, 2010


In a model portfolio, you need good headshots and some diversity of images. While an agency does not want to see glamour in your portfolio, this will be of use for those who are looking to get published in some fitness publications (females).  I find that the best models are those who can convey emotion/expression like an actor… All professional models are in good shape but the differentiating factor comes down to this and the understanding of body poses.

Regarding sports photography, if you look at the major fitness brand ad campaigns the model is usually in motion or conveying some sort of strong emotion in fitness gear (strength, conviction, determination, excitement).  For fitness mag covers, it’s stomach showing and clean cut.  If you have a sports skill, bring those props and apparel to a shoot. Sporty accessories like wristbands, headphones, water bottles, resistance bands, etc are great props as well. Running pics are always useful, playing your sport, showing action is key.
….If you are REALLY talented, you will be able to rock sportswear like this: 😀

Lifestyle photos:  I prefer solids over prints, in fact a simple outfit of a tight white T and jeans brings the focus more on the model than the apparel. Ladies, have some nice stilettos as this accentuates the legs and gives grace to an image (no mules, wedges, clear pageant shoes please).

Swimwear: Ladies, do not wear fitness pageant style swimwear or use pageant stage photos for your compcard.  It does not give companies much room for imagination when looking at whether you could model their apparel or fitness gear in applicable situations.

Fitness Photographers like me think in terms of images stored in our memory.  When we are faced with an advertising tagline that we have to create an image for, you want your sample images on your compcard to be the “Ah ha! I could totally see that image for this advertisement!”.

To review my work, check out my website  Natalie Minh Photography.

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Natalie Minh

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on October 25, 2010

Very informative article for the next generation of up-and-coming fitness models. Thanks and keep up the great work.

on October 25, 2010

I agree Nat, especially with your point that the best models are the ones who can master several different expressions/emotions like an actor. That’s usually the difference between booking a gig and getting passed over.

By the way….Wampires?? LOL! 😉

on October 27, 2010

Great article.
I have shared it w/ a couple of my friends

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