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Modeling Tips

Modeling / Photoshoots / June 30, 2010
  • The best models are actors because if an image is posed, then it looks fake and is a throwaway image.  Imagine yourself as an actor/actress, seducing the camera with your eyes, lips, body expressions.  Be extremely confident as it’s the one thing that cannot be photoshopped.
  • Girls: Try to create S-shaped curves with your body as much as possible, think T+A all the way.  You have to over exaggerate on camera so stick it out, SUCK IT IN
  • Guys: Pics look good when you have a strong jaw line and look intense/masculine. To create this look, bit down with your rear molars so that the jaw muscle pops out, very slightly frown in pics to look stronger.
  • Slightly squinting with the eyes gives intensity and emotion to images.
  • Look away from the camera, off the shoulders of the photographer but don’t turn the head too far to either side
  • Chin slightly up conveys easy confidence and looks great on camera
  • Mouth slightly open makes the model look mysterious, but not too open.  End up looking like those Myspace girls HAHA
  • Create angles with your arms and legs.  Shift weight from hip to hip to also create angles.  Really contort your body to make the image interesting.
  • Hands near mouth or head draws the viewer to your face, often interesting
  • Each time the shutter chicks, change a little something about the picture, be it your expression, head position, body shape.  Don’t be frozen with the same expression!
  • Attitude Primer: Fashion is F-You, Glamour is F-Me, Commericial is JCPenney catalog.  So, take on the required atttitude when modeling.

Natalie Minh

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