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Dear Diary

Biography / Natalie Minh / March 18, 2010

2 months into living in Los Angeles and this is turning into one heck of a year. I’ve been so fortunate to be networking with the movers and shakers in the Fitness Entertainment industry (exactly the reason that I moved to LA).  I’ve been keeping my head low and busting tail, very focused on getting established.  Here’s a preview of of stuff in the works –

  • 2 magazine covers as model and possibly one of my photography works in the late Spring/early Summer timeframe
  • Alliances with a total of 6 domestic and international magazines as a photographer
  • Establishment of Natalie Minh Management LLC which will cover spokesmodel, photography, and all business activities within the the health and fitness arena
  • New business partner, IFBB Hall of Famer Shawn Ray. We both are in the same line of business where we are public persons which represent various products, events, ventures and serve as brokers in this industry.  Together we offer hosting, endorsements, photography, consulting.

I’m really happy with how things are going but yet at the same time, it’s just the beginning.  I came to Los Angeles to chase my dreams and having just a taste of it is like the taste of blood to a shark.  My goal is to establish myself as one of the hardest working professionals in this industry with the experience to cover all bases.

“Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


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Natalie Minh

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