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Zanetti Diet and some Dear Diary

Diet / Fitness / Training / Travel / November 4, 2009


On the flight back to Brussels an typing this blog entry. The past 1.5 weeks I have been struggling with a chest cold while trying to keep tight to my diet and exercise. I must admit that on a few days my exercise program was cut in half because I simply could not complete the extensive cardio without a breathing fit. So frustrating. I knew that November would be a challenging month based on the traveling schedule and changes going on but this chest cold was one of those unexpected things that just pop up and you have to work with until it passes.

During this trip in Tampa I kept to my workout routine as much as possible and enjoyed some of mom’s cooking in small quantities but nonetheless felt guilty for deviating even 1% from my prescribed diet. My friend was even convinced that I had swine flu with all of my hacking LOL.

Great news is that today I no longer have that crappy cough and feel 99%. Can’t wait to get home, back to routine for a few days, and go nuts with diet/exercise. Also, I’m two days late on providing my measurements to the Italian Wizard… Hope he’s not too frustrated as I really don’t want to disappoint him!

The next following days are once again quite heavy. Once I get home I have to see if I can squeeze a planned trip to Paris to study under Joel Dart, a Parisian high fashion photographer, for some valuable industry photography education and also work as a model until this Friday.

Then on Saturday I have a shoot as a tog and model for Donnie Bishop Clothing Co (Aussie brand) in Antwerp with a bunch of my favorite people: Telihana, Sven Smits, Christophe Dethy, and newcomer Duane from Paris.

I may goto NYC a few days before I head to LA on Nov 12 and have to look into the booking details to fly out next Monday. Once in LA, I have a few meetings, check out my new place of residence, and will be mad training for the Fitness America pageant in Vegas on Nov 21 weekend.

Then it’s a flight back to Brussels on Nov 23, pound out 2-3 shoots as a tog, my Going Away party on Nov 28 in Antwerp, then my belongings ship to LA by container Dec 1, which my stuff won’t reach its final destination for another 6 weeks.

Maybe I’ll hang around in Belgium for a couple more days then fly to Detroit to do some further business with OnGo Energy drink and a couple other companies, bounce to Chicago for a few days, then catch a flight to LA by mid December. Great news is that Telihana and Michael Verlackt are coming out to LA at the same time for some Cali fun!!

I’m looking forward to getting settled in LA with some downtime to mastermind my 2010 plans in much greater detail. Right now I can’t contemplate mid and long term goals as I’m just trying to stay afloat day by day. But damnit, chaos may be stressful but so exciting…! 😀

Ugh I hate sitting still on a trans-Atlantic flight. So boring. Wish I could get a workout in or something but instead I’m studying Paris Vogue for some photography inspiration. Gotta gear myself up for working with Joel shortly.

I am looking forward to getting back home though, miss Europe culture. Only a few more days of living here :'(. Each time I go to Tampa I experience a little culture shock: we are comparing the Southern US to Northern Europe here HAHA.

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Natalie Minh

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