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Fitness Model Recipe: Tarragon Pengasus and Asparagus with Basmati Rice

Diet / Nutrition / Recipes / September 3, 2009

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Pengasus is a very tasty whitefish that I picked up at the grocery store yesterday. The flesh is not dry at all, decent sized filets and it’s in the same family as catfish. For those counting their macros, catfish has a similar P/C/F profile as salmon but with more protein per 100g.

Fish is a very healthy part of my regime and I like to eat all kinds (salmon, tuna, perch, cod, pengasus). Growing up, my father was a fisherman so we would frequently eat the catch of the day, yummy memories!

As this whitefish is of a delicate flavor, I made up this quick recipe.

– couple filets of Pengasus
– Spray oil
– Garlic salt
– 2 tbsp of dried terragon
– 1 cup dry basmati rice
– 2 veggie bullion cubes
– 20 spears of frozen asparagus

In one pan mash the bullion cube to bits, sprinkle it over the asparagus and let simmer at medium high heat. Do not add additional water or oil as the frozen spears will release a lot of water. This will be done within 10 minutes.

Do the same thing the basmati rice of mashing the bullion cube to bits and cook the rice in a pot or rice cooker.

In a nonstick pan over high heat, spray the pan with spray oil and toss the filets in there. Generously sprinkle the tarragon and garlic salt to taste. After about 2 minutes, carefully flip the filets. You want to remove the filets from the fire before it is fully cooked in order to keep the fish tender.

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