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Typical Things that I bring to a Shoot

Modeling / Photoshoots / August 8, 2009

Baby Oil: gotta have a nice luminosity. Only apply if if the photographer feels it’s necessary, ask first.

Lots of accessories: necklaces, bracelets, scarves, hose.

My own Makeup: Even if there is a makeup artist at the shoot, it’s handy to have your own colors available because you have what matches your skin. Recommend MAC and because they have very strong pigments and excellent foundations.

A number of high heels: high heels lengthen the leg and look great in photos.

Hairspray or pomade: Control the flyaways

If there’s no stylist:
Flowy dresses or swimsuits: flowy clothing look great on camera and swimsuits because I’m a fitness model.

And always….
A positive attitude: No complaining, be friendly, helpful, and accomodating. Nobody wants to work with a person with a lousy attitude.


Natalie Minh

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