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Anabolic Cooking Ultimate Cookbook

Anabolic Cooking – Muscle Building Cookbook

The Most Complete Cookbook And Nutrition Guide For Bodybuilding & Fitness On The Market With Over 200 Muscle Building Recipes, You Will Never Be Bored With Your Diet Again.


 In this book you will find:

Anabolic Cooking - The Cookbook

 More than 200 “Anabolicious” recipes, all full of flavours, designed to promote muscle building and fat loss, and that you can prepare in minutes. In fact those recipes are so easy to make, even a 10 year-old can do it!

√ Done-For-You Meal Plans: I will tell you what to eat, when to eat, and how to prepare all your meals, with the complete shopping list and full step-by-step directions. All that supported by my Best Nutrient Timing Strategies

√ Anabolic Cooking and Nutrition Fundamentals: everything that a person involved in bodybuilding or fitness MUST know about nutrition. You will know exactly what’s in the food your eating!

√ A Virtual Cooking Class: Learn how to read a recipe, the different cutting techniques and cooking methods, completed with the Anabolic Cooking Glossary. All you need to know to get started cooking will be covered from A to Z!

√ Best Post-Workout nutrition secrets and tactics to optimize your results as well as by best Post-Workout shake recipes.

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The Metabolic Cooking Cookbook

Metabolic Cooking Fat Loss Cookbook

Discover Quick And Easy Fat Torching Recipes Designed With Top Fat Burning Foods To Banish Your Boring “Fat Burning Diet” And Burn Fat Faster!!


What you’ll learn and find in Metabolic Cooking:

The Complete Metabolic Cooking Package√  More than 250 Fat Torching Recipes, all designed with metabolic thermo-charged ingredients. These recipes are all quick and easy to prepare, are ultra tasty, and will boost your metabolism for a fat burning diet.

√  A Built-In Nutritional System: special Metabolic Nutri-Profile we’re using in all the recipes will tell you precisely what nutrients you’re taking in and make sure that each meal is making the most out of your metabolic rate. Now, managing your nutrition will be simpler and way more effective.

√  EVERYTHING About Fat Burning Foods: everything that a person looking to lose body fat should know about food and nutrition. You will get access to our exclusive list of metabolic thermo-charged top fat burning foods!

√  How To Create Your Own Individualized Fat Loss Meal Plan: you will know exactly how to create, tweak, and adhere to a PERFECT fat loss meal plan that is completely individualized to fit YOUR particular needs.

√  How To Manage Your Kitchen, Your Meal Preparation And Your Food Budget Successfully: you will learn all the tricks to manage and prepare your meals faster than ever, and won’t be wasting your money anymore.

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The Caveman Body Plan

The Caveman Body Plan

Caveman Diets ‘Paleo Diets’ Are The Next Big Thing For Great Health, Muscle Building & Weight loss. This Program Also Includes Caveman Inspired Workouts! A Massive Hungry Crowd After This New Lifestyle.


Caveman Body PlanHere is what the program includes..

√ You get the caveman diet, which contains everything about what to and what not to eat and how to incorporate caveman eating into our present time.

√ You get caveman inspired workouts, all with easy to follow step by step photos of how to perform each exercise, all set out in a weekly routine. This covers the physical side of the caveman lifestyle. Workouts involve full body movements using a range of bodyweight and weighted exercises.

√ 12 Recipes for breakfast, main meals and desserts to keep things tasty and enjoyable.

√ And a BONUS guide to organic gardening if you wish to grow and eat the freshest veggie’s available and even save some money in the process.

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Get Lean Program by Belinda Benn

 Get Lean Program

Unique Female Body Transformation Program With Strong Monthly Continuity. Top Shelf Nutrition Product With Bodyweight & Resistance Workout Videos Plus Online Coaching.


Your Get Lean Program includes:

√ The 12-Week Get Lean Nutrition Manual – The complete easy to follow manual detailing everything you need to know including what to eat, when to eat, detailed food lists, recipes, charts, tables and a diary for tracking your progress.Complete Get Lean Female Body Transformation Program Package

√ The Torch The Fat Recipe Book – Top 50 Fat Burning Recipes to make your Get Lean Life a breeze including metric and imperial measurements, easy to follow steps and short cuts.

√  The Get Lean Quick Start Guide – A Video Guide to walk you through all the components of your program.

√  The Bodyweight Fat-Burning Workouts (downloadable video series) – Step by step exercises with advanced techniques designed to radically transform your body into a toned, tight and sexy machine.

√  The Resistance Re-Shaping Workouts (downloadable video series) – A 12-week breakthrough training system that will radically re-shape your body in ways you never dreamed possible by deeply stimulating your muscle fibers to tone, lift and sculpt.

√  The Memory Jogger MP4 Mini Workout Clips – These quick reference clips will make sure your form and technique are always perfect.

√  The Printable Workout Cheat Sheets, Progress Tracker & Progression Plan. – Detailed step-by-step exercise instructional Cheat Sheets with photos that show you exactly how to do every exercise with the proper form and technique.

√  The HIIT Cardio Guide – Short duration, high intensity cardio interval workouts are ideal to alternate with your resistance or bodyweight training to dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat burning.

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paleo diet smoothies

Paleo Diet Smoothies offer muscle-building, fat burning, brain boosting,and mood-enhancing benefits for living a longer leaner life. Drinking a Paleo Diet Smoothie daily will help you to become stronger, healthier, more energetic, younger looking, wiser, smarter and more disease resistant. Paleo Smoothies help you to attain your ideal weight and achieve balanced energy throughout the day.

Secret to keep you from falling off the Paleo Diet – Breakfast! – Paleo Diet Smoothie recipes deliver a long list of delicious quick Paleo Diet breakfast options you can make at home in less than five minutes. Getting your Paleo breakfast out of the way first thing in the morning ensures you will stay on track for the rest of the day.

√ Quick and Delicious Paleo Breakfast – Taking 5 minutes in the morning to blend up a nutritious Paleo Smoothie will help you topaleo diet smoothies recipe book start your day right.

√ Weight Loss – Paleo Diet Smoothies are a great way to lose weight while nourishing your whole body.

√ Increase Your Metabolism – Paleo Diet Smoothies deliver a diet high in protein and moderate to low carbohydrates.

√ Delicious Way to Get Your Kids to Eat a Balanced Diet – Kids love Paleo Smoothies, even with the blended veggies inside.

√ Improve Mental Clarity – The Paleo Diet helps with your ability to focus on a task over longer periods of time while reducing the impact of distractions.

√ Reduce Your Risk of Disease – Paleo Diet Smoothies offer a quick and easy way to reach the minimum goal while helping to reduce your risk of disease.

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Jamin Thompson's the 6 pack secret ebook

In this program, you will find:

the 6 pack secret ebook√  The Secret To Six Pack Abs – Learn top tips to building rock hard six pack abs.

√  The Best Six Pack Ab Workout – Here is one of my best workouts for building a strong, ripped midsection.

√  The Six Pack Abs Diet –Learn the diet secrets top fitness models use to stay lean, muscular, and ripped all year round.

√  How To Get Ripped 6 Pack Abs –I know it’s hard to believe but you can get a lean belly, regardless of what you’ve heard. You may not be able to get an 8 pack like some of the models you see in the magazines, but are many simple tricks you can use to lean down quickly.

√  15 Power Tips To Get Six Pack Abs – Learn the 15 best nutrition tips for getting six pack abs fast.

√  Six Pack Abs Nutrition –Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Check out my grilled chicken sausage tostadas recipe and add it to your healthy kitchen.

√  59 Tips To Improve Your Health & Physique – Tips on six pack abs, weight training, nutrition, mental toughness, and more that will help improve your health and physique.

√  101 Tips To Build Six Pack Abs – Here are over 100 quick and easy tips that will help you get six pack abs fast.

√  The Best Ab Exercises To Get Six Pack Abs –Learn what the best ab exercises are based on real science and not by the “burn” you feel while doing the exercise.

√  and many more…

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