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Meet Calisthenics Master Frank Medrano

Bodybuilding / Fitness / Slide Gallery / Training / Training Routine / May 9, 2017
Can you give us a brief background of yourself. What drew you in to taking up Calisthenics?
I first started training around 2008. I was going to the gym and lifting weights and was motivated to better my life. About a year into my fitness journey however I felt I needed to be challenged. I felt like I needed to do more with myself. Youtube drew me into calisthenics as I was searching for new workout ideas. I fell in love with the feeling of mastering my own weight.


As one of the top names in Calisthenics today, do you feel it receives the share of popularity it deserves in the training world?
I feel calisthenics (Bodyweight training) has grown in popularity tremendously these past couple of years. I believe it’s attracted so many new athletes because the idea of training anywhere anytime and the functionality it provides. Making your body a machine is a pretty attractive trait!


How much of a role does it play in your fitness regime? Is there room for other practices?
Calisthenics takes over my training regime. This form of training is limitless to the goals I set out for myself. Occasionally I like to add weighted resistance to some of my exercises and use weights for certain leg exercises at times. But for the most part I keep it almost all Body weight. Calisthenics doesn’t always need to be the focus. Although I strongly believe in it myself , it can compliment many other forms of training .


You have had a long journey before reaching this point. Have you had any road blocks?
At the end of the day I’m a normal man just like anybody else and even I have my limitations. I’ve gone through a few injuries that have slowed me down and tested my motivation to keep going. I always keep them in the back of my mind and use those struggles to remind me of how hard I worked.


You are highly followed on social platforms and enjoy a huge fan base. What are the most popular things that people ask? What do you do to better serve them?
 Everyone always wants to know how to start or get some sense of direction. I reach out and help as many as I can through my platforms. If there is something highly in demand I will make something available for everyone.


Frank MedranoCould you mention a couple of exercises you think are really exclusive and effective?
I always preach the basics in calisthenics (push-ups, pull-ups , dips, planks, squats , lunges) and their variations. The foundation you  build is THE most important aspect for training.


You are a vegan, any specific reasons for that? Could you elaborate a bit on your diet?
I first became vegan back in 2011 . A few friends of mine introduced me to that lifestyle. I never knew exactly what it was until I tried it. I strongly believe it’s a choice that has helped me in many aspects of my life. My diet is of course plant based with no animal products. I get adequate amounts of protein from foods such as lentils, quinoa, beans, legumes, greens, tofu and I personally supplement my self with plant based protein after my training sessions.
How much of a role do you think food and nutrition play for a trainee?
Nutrition/food and training go hand in hand. I’ve learned from experience that nourishing your body with healthy foods will optimize your performance and make your body feel good and be healthy.
You also have an active blog, tell us more about it. Any other hobbies?
I like to express myself and share my experience and knowledge through my blogs. I feel that it can help many out there in their fitness journey and everyday challenges.  Besides training , I love eating, music and just relaxing.


 What does Frank Medrano want to be remembered as?
My passion has gotten me this far and I know it will keep taking me higher. One of my main sources of inspiration are my followers and the connection I have with them. I’d like to think I would be remember as a normal guy that started at the bottom and reached success through hard work, discipline and dedication. A person who was able to connect with normal people to better their lives and their quality of life.


What are your upcoming goals/targets?
I want to put more of myself out there to help push and motivate. New content (videos, seminars, training, nutrition)


Your message to all the young people out there who inspired.
Sometimes you have those days when nothing seems to go right. Believe me guys I have those too. But you know what..,life isn’t perfect, and will never be. No one will live a perfect life by the time that they are gone from it. So we must learn how to live an imperfect life to the best of our abilities. Don’t stress, don’t worry- Believe and live true to what’s inside of you. Have faith and deal with life, don’t let life deal with you.


Frank Medrano Website
We recently had the opportunity to work with you and we hope for a long partnership. At your end, what was it like to work with Natalie Minh Interactive agency?
It’s been a great please working with Natalie Minh Interactive agency. They’ve provided me with all the resources and connections necessary to take my business to the next level. I’m thankful to have a team behind me that has my best interest in mind.


Where else can we find you on the net?

Natalie Minh

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