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Amy Azzato – Beachbody Coach and Fitness Trainer

Exercise / Fitness / Interviews / Lifestyle / May 7, 2017

Amy Azzato is a stay at home mom that always had a love for fitness, but 2 years ago when she moved to California and really started to get into weight training and learning how to change her body! Then, 10 months ago she signed up to try BeachBody’s 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts. She immediately fell in love with the program, the products, and the accountability groups are amazing!! She lost 8 pounds right away, and got into the best shape of my life! This ignited something in her, and decided that she wanted to pursue a career in Fitness and wanted to share my journey with others! She signed up to become a Fitness Coach, and for the past 9 months have been helping others commit to living a healthier lifestyle! She recently signed up to get her Personal Training Certificate through NASM, in hopes to expand her knowledge and to help others locally in the area where she lives. The amazing website that Natalie Minh Interactive team built for her has allowed her to share her healthy recipes, the programs she promotes, and a spot for her to blog about Fitness!

What got you into this sphere and how much of a struggle has it been?
Natalie and her husband actually convinced me to pursue my dream! I doubted myself and my potential, but they recognized my talent and my drive, and gave me a pretty good pep talk which made me decide to move forward in this business! My husband has also been very supportive in pushing me to follow this passion. And then I also have to give my Best Friend from College credit, since she is the one that introduced me to Beachbody and the Coaching opportunity. She has been a great mentor, and I think having a partner with the same dreams really helps to keep you focused!! I think starting up any business is a struggle! It takes time, consistency, and just showing up every day! I have to keep telling myself that It won’t happen overnight. Every day I just try to do things that will get me closer to my goal.
What was the breaking point in your journey for a fit and healthy lifestyle?

I don’t know if I had a breaking point? I think it was more just frustration, and not being happy with myself. I wanted to feel good in my own skin, and I didn’t want to give up just because I had kids, or because I was pushing 40. I was tired of starting over, and yo-yo dieting. I was ready to make being healthy a lifestyle, and when I found the right program to teach me that, things just clicked.

What does your daily diet look like? Do you allow yourself cheat days?

I still follow the 21 days fix extreme meal plan pretty closely, it works for me! It’s a great way to control your portions and eat healthily. It basically consists of healthy lean proteins, veggies, healthy carbs, healthy fats, and fruits each day. I also try to stay away from wheat. And yes, of course, I have cheat days. I think you have to in order to maintain a balance in your life. I don’t have them as much as I use to… my weekends use to be all cheat days, and now I have learned how to still enjoy, but in moderation.

How rigorous is your training schedule? Tell us more about it.

I work out every day, 7 days a week. For the past 9 months I have been trying out different Beachbody Programs, I love the flexibility of working out from home. Before that, I would weight train at the gym every day.  I have 2 kids, and they are at the age where being dropped off at the Kids Club at the gym isn’t fun anymore. So working out at home keeps everyone happy! My workouts are only 30 minutes, every day I’m doing something different! Working arms, legs, cardio, Plyometrics, abs, balance moves, yoga, and Pilates. I love using the Beachbody Programs to give me ideas, sometimes I do my own thing and mix up different programs depending on what I’m trying to work that day.

Your website, AzzatoFit, offers everything from everywhere! What’s the focus on?

I just wanted to create a place that provides Fitness Tips, Healthy Recipes, and links to all the amazing products that I promote! I want to help inspire others to start living a healthy life, and to provide them with the tools to start that journey! This website also links all my social media outlets on here as well, for people that want workout ideas, they can check out my Youtube site, or even my Fitness Page on Facebook!  I think my long-term goal, would be to eventually start creating some of my own ebooks and workout programs for busy moms, but .at this point I’m just getting started, so I feel like the future is wide open!!

Opening up to the world through social media was ‘out of your comfort zone’, how have you kept up?

It’s hard. It was a big adjustment for me. I have always been shy & reserved. And I’m still learning! But opening your life up on social media can be very intimidating. But also very rewarding! I have always worried about what people think of me, but I’m slowly learning that the only person I need to worry about is myself.  I love when I get messages from my challenges or people just thanking me for the motivational posts, or they share their weight loss victories with me. Helping women to build confidence in themselves is a great feeling, the rewards I receive from this business out way the worries or concerns I once had. If I’m helping to change just one person live a healthier life which will, in turn, add years to their life to enjoy their families longer, to be happier about themselves… then it’s worth it!

How big a role has your family played in your success?

A HUGE role! Without my husbands support, pushing me, and believing in me, I would have probably quite a few months ago. It’s easy to start doubting yourself, or your future plans… so without having that encouragement on the outside, it’s hard to stay focused and moving forward. I’m also starting to see my daughter’s confidence grow, and I don’t know if I can take credit for that, but I think having confidence in myself is helping to teach her how to believe in herself more. So setting the examples for my kids of living a healthy life, going after your dreams, being fit and taking care of your body… are all important lessons I want to teach them. So if I quit, what example is that setting for them? My family is definitely a huge driver in pushing me to be a better person, a better mom, and a better wife.

How has your experience of working with Natalie Minh Interactive Agency been?

Amazing! Starting out, I was so overwhelmed with the thought of putting a website together! I didn’t even know where to begin! Natalie’s team basically did all the work for me, they were so responsive and met all my needs! They created a site that I love, exactly the way I imagined it!! I couldn’t be happier! Natalie is an amazing woman, and her passions shine through with her work!!

How does Amy Azzato want to be remembered?

Haha, I’m just a Mom who wants to help other Mom’s find balance in their life. It’s easy to put your needs aside when you have a family, and you’re taking care of everyone else. We sometimes tend to let our health go because we don’t have the time or the energy. I was there at one point in my life, and I wasn’t happy. I finally found a balance that works, so my hopes are to share that with others, and to encourage them to take the time each day to focus on themselves as well! We have to be happy, in order for our family to be happy!! So I guess I would like to be remembered as someone who helped inspire the start of a healthy lifestyle!

Your projects or targets in the foreseeable future?

Right now I’m studying to get my training certificate, so I’m hoping with this knowledge I will be able to apply that to my future plans.  And then obviously to continue building my Beachbody career!! Building a team and working with other women who all share your passion is so motivating! I love the community of our Accountability groups, I couldn’t imagine taking that out of my life. The positivity, support, and motivation you receive each day from these groups just lift you up!

Any shout outs?

My family, for all their encouragement & support! My team of coaches, who inspire me EVERYDAY! My challenges for believing in me, and choosing me to help them with their fitness goals. Natalie, for convincing me that I had something worth exploring, and to follow my passion! And my Dad, for instilling the love of fitness in me, watching him workout and being fit definitely carried over into my adulthood, so I have to thank him for passing that trait along to me!

Finally, what is your message for all the people who look up to and dream to not only have a healthy lifestyle of their own but also help others do the same?

I think it’s hard to imagine being at the place you want to be with your health when you have a long road ahead. But you see transformations happen all the time. It is possible!! You can lose the weight, get the body you want, or get your confidence back, you just have to work at it! Whatever your goal might be, it won’t happen overnight, the success doesn’t come right away. I think you have to take each day as an opportunity to get you closer, making sure you’re doing something that will only propel you forward each and every day. Don’t stop, don’t give up, we all have setbacks, but it’s important that we don’t let those derail our dreams. Helping others is just icing on the cake if that is a passion of yours…FOLLOW IT! There is nothing more rewarding than the chance to help someone else.

And, where else can we find you on the net?

My website at, which will link you to my Pinterest, twitter, youtube and facebook accounts!  And I recently signed up for snapchat @AzzatoFit! Anyone that is looking for help to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, they can message me at, I would love the opportunity to help!

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