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Kate Horney – A Fitness Professional, Trainer and Owner of Beyond Fit Mom

Exercise / Fitness / Interviews / Nutrition / Recipes / Training / Workouts / October 11, 2015

Kate Horney


ate Horney hold a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science and a Metabolic Effect certified Level III Hormonal Nutrition Consultant. She specializes in female specific fat loss, using proven techniques to offer body change and coaching services to women both online and locally. She is a busy mom of two young boys, a wife, and an entrepreneur. With a degree in Exercise Physiology and over 10 years of experience as personal trainer, she looked everywhere for resources that she could trust when other new moms asked me for advice. Kate found great workouts for women who could spend hours at the gym and diets, which certainly worked… if one had the time to spend hours in the kitchen and didn’t mind going hungry and lacking in energy as you chased fat loss. But, she knew that wouldn’t work for busy women and new moms who needed energy as much as they needed results, so she created BeyondFitMom and now work as an entrepreneur and fat loss coach helping new moms get their bodies back.

How long you have been in the fitness industry? Who influenced you to be involved in this industry?

I have a degree in exercise physiology and have been “working out” since high school. But, it wasn’t until my husband was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 that I was inspired to take my fitness to the next level. I began lifting weights and I saw the change that my body made…it was incredible!!! I couldn’t believe it. From then on, I was hooked! Fast forward a few years to the birth of my sons: now my inspiration has shifted from looking good in a bikini to being a fit, functional mom who can keep up with little ones! Now I want to be the best example I can be and show them how to live a healthy life.

What makes you standout from the rest of body fitness coach / trainer?

Getting slim without the gym” has been my new favorite motto since having my sons. As you know, there are some days when getting out of the house to exercise is simply not an option. The good news is that you can still get fit in the comfort of your home. Don’t despair if you feel like you don’t have time to get to the gym. Remember, our goal is to do SOMETHING and you can get a fabulous fat burning workout in the comfort of your own home. Hold your baby and do squats and stationary lunges (no weights needed!) for your lower body, then lift your baby overhead (get ready for some giggles) to strengthen your arms and shoulders, or lay on your back and do “baby chest presses.” During those precious 30-minute nap times, grab some dumbbells and get in some rest based training hybrid workouts, pushing hard until you can’t and then resting until you can. I ditched my gym membership when Jackson was born and I get all my workouts in at home (usually in the garage or even in the living room, sometimes in my slippers). I like early morning workouts, so I try to get up 3x/week for rest based training hybrid workouts, where I’m pushing hard and really focusing on lifting heavy weight.. I also put my entire 12 week postpartum fat loss workouts here.


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What inspired you when you created Beyond Fit Mom?

Healthy kids are raised by healthy moms, so I want to start a #fitmom revolution! I want to teach moms all over the world how to be healthy; for themselves and for their families! In addition to my 12 week postpartum fat loss system (Baby Beyond), I also launched an online membership program with my own personal recipes, workouts, tips and tricks and more (BeyondFit Life)!  www.beyondfitlife  www.beyondfitmom

kate horney

Any words / advice that you can impart to other moms who are suffering fitness problems?

Understand the hormones! Calories in vs. calories out is NOT the whole picture when it comes to fat loss, especially postpartum. You know that the key to sustainable fat loss comes in both a caloric deficit (that is, burning more calories than you consume) AND balanced metabolic hormones. But for new moms who are breastfeeding and can’t sustain a significant caloric deficit, the hormonal balance becomes even more important. Another complete blog post could be done on postpartum hormones, but here’s the deal in a nut shell…prolactin, the master hormone responsible for lactation, affects a large number of systems throughout the body. It stimulates the production and secretion of milk, depresses fat production in the liver, and stimulates the delivery of glucose and lactate to the mammary gland for enhanced fat production. Research shows that there is also a suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis at this point, which is responsible for the release of the stress hormones. This may dampen the responses to exercise in terms of having increased energy and fat burning and many women experience a slight lowering of their basal metabolic rate (the calories you burn at rest), as well as an increase in water and weight retention. (for more help in balancing those hormones, burning fat, and getting your body back, check out my program: Baby Beyond) – See more here.

Lastly, where can we find you on the internet?

12 week postpartum fat loss program:
Monthly workouts + recipes:
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter



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