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Jesse Wright – Fitness Enthusiast, Competitor, Model & Personal Trainer

Featured / Fitness / Slide Gallery / Supplements / June 20, 2014

Jesse Wright is a fitness enthusiast who loves fitness with a passion. As a Texas kid from San Antonio, in high school, he started out weighing 138 lbs. Once he entered into the Armed Forces and completed basic training, he weighed 156 lbs., where his weight remained.

While serving, he was diagnosed with a severe case of asthma. He suffered from TBI, which derived from rolling over an IED (improvised explosive device) while on his last tour in Afghanistan. He also has severe nerve damage in both arms ranging from elbow to wrist, complications with two of his end fingers to both hands, knee and joint damage from a bad fall in basic training, and continuous rubbing and grinding has worn down the cartilage in both knees. To include all of the aftermath, and life and medical changes, he simply state this to inform you things aren’t over until you give up, as GOD will lead the way if you follow!

He is certified as a trainer under ISSA, in which he owe a great deal of his knowledge. Aimed and driven to help his clients, as well as to continue to strive and broaden his goals to reach new heights in the area of health and fitness.

Jesse is an individual who has set forth new goals each week to “do better than the week before”. In addition, his hobbies are traveling, motorcycles, art, drawing, following athletes of all types, but especially in fitness.

FMI 728x90

When did you realize that you have a passion in bodybuilding and fitness?

I have always followed Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, but during my last deployment, I made a decision to follow my dreams.

You were deployed to Afghanistan. What was the experience like when it came to staying fit and strong? What were your struggles?

Staying fit was a challenge in many ways, but I made time even if it was early morning or late night after missions. If weight equipment and a gym tent or building weren’t available, I improvised. I struggled to maintain weight due to eating habits while being on the go and battling stress to include to daily life as a deployed soldier.

Despite it all, what’s your biggest motivation? How do you manage to stay consistent?

Big motivation factor was being introduced to and Bodyspace, and eventually getting to know Chad Shaw and Carla Hampshire! Two inspiring individuals. A second motivation is reaching for betterment with the crossing of a stepping stone along my journey.

Take us to your training routine. What is it like?

I use isolation and concentration. 1-2 body parts at a time and I usually workout alone in my zone.


What would be your top 3 favorite exercises and what do you love about them?

Squats, deadlifts, and dragonflies. They simply are a beast! And a challenge!

What’s your take on nutrition? Do you count calories? Can you please share a sample diet?

At times, I count calories; when trying to reach a goal weight. Other than that, no.

Sample diet:

Morning = If I have time during the week… 2-3 fried eggs, some slices of wheat bread and oatmeal, followed by a protein shake mixed with vitargo.
Mid-morning = Snack kind of varies
Lunch = Wheat pasta or maybe white potatoes, chicken or beef, and a veggie
Mid-lunch = Snack or protein shake
Dinner = Pasta, white rice or white potatoes, a veggie (about two cups or so to help feel me up), and meat (chicken, beef or fish)
Before bed = Snack or protein shake

We’re curious, do you allow yourself to have cheat days? What are you favorite foods do you allow yourself to indulge in?

Yes, of course! Ice cream, pizza, burgers, fries, cake, and pop tarts.

What’s your supplementation?

Total Nutrition! And Genr8strength Vitargo is setting the pace for Redmann! Helping me excel.

What are your competition goals right now?

Earn my Pro card with WBFF and continue to compete with myself.

Before we end the interview, what’s the biggest take away you can give to those who wants to start a healthier lifestyle?

First, set the goals pertaining to you achieving living a healthier lifestyle, then write down the steps, and finally execute. “Simply Get It In!”

Any shout outs?

FMI 728x90

The Lord. My mom, Toni P. My family and friends. Bike club “T.R.A.C.K.S Rydaz”. Fans who have had my back. A trainer I decided to let help me last year, which was hard for me as I was so use to doing things my way lol, but Terrence Williams is an awesome Trainer and coach, who gives a push I couldn’t have given on my own, not knowing how far I still could push if I put my mind too it! Total Nutrition’s Killeen and Charlie, for bring me in. Vitargo team and Kimi Rondon. Fitmark Bags and Ashley McTucker. FMI team, Natalie Minh and Gary Augustine. Patrick Gamboa. ISSA. Chad Shaw. Carla Hampshire. My team, Team BSH and Genetics. Team Get It In. Dave Goodin. Daryl Williams, as he has just published his 1st eBook (“How to Get Fit Fast”), Congrats to him! It was also listed Top 100 Bestseller, awarded by Amazon, and we are working on collaborating to publish more eBooks as well as a book. And Anjellica Hernandez.

Where can we find you on the Internet?

Athletic Facebook Page
Fitmark Blog
3DMuscle Journey
My Bodyspace (We ‘Mirin)
Natural Bodybuilding Recognition
Shut Up and Train
Fully Flexed
Fitness STAR Online Magazine

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