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Interview with Personal Trainer and Gym Owner – Becca Marie

Bodybuilding / Competition / Exercise / Figure / Fitness / Fitness model / Food / Gym / Healthy / Inspiration / Interviews / Lose weight / Motivation / Nutrition / Q&A / Slide Gallery / Supplements / Training / Working out / February 7, 2014

Becca Marie

Can you briefly tell us about yourself (where you were born, how it was like growing up, profession, education, where you live, etc.)?

I was born in and still reside in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fitness was unheard of where I grew up, so it’s an extra blessing that I found a fit lifestyle. I also lost my mom at a very early age and didn’t learn how to embrace my body until I found fitness. Now I’m just madly in love with being a fit & feminine woman. My profession is being addicted to people. 😉 Luckily, owning my own gym allows me to fulfill this in a positive, productive, and beautiful way.

You are a fitness professional, personal trainer, and gym owner in the OH/KY/IN tri-state area. How did everything get started for you and what prompted your decision to follow these paths? Have you always been active?

I was such a tomboy growing up, but didn’t play sports and instead, I idolized my brother and mimicked his bench press/bicep curls only workouts haha, and his obsession with walking around, throwing random kicks; that was the extent of my athleticism. Many years later, I got a desk job at a gym and shortly after, my boss told me I should be a trainer. I didn’t understand why he said it and then he explained to me that my interactions, compassion, patience, and insight with people were the traits that would make an amazing trainer, that technically anyone could learn. I was rather blown away that someone saw something in me that I hadn’t seen in myself. Needless to say, the next week, my studies started and soon after, I opened my beloved gym and I’ve not looked back or doubted my purpose and path in life since!!!

With your multiple careers within fitness, you get to work with many clients. How has that been and have any of them influenced you in regards to your own health and fitness?

My gym is referral only. Yes, it’s taken me much longer to grow my business this way. But, it allowed me to build some of the strongest lifetime friendships with my clients. I just ADORE them. Every one of them influences me daily to always remember there is room for improvement, to never stop growing, and learning most of all to appreciate health and life. My clients are all so talented and ambitious, and I’m honored every day they share who they are with me!


Where does your motivation come from to stay consistent with your fitness and strive to assist others with theirs? Has there been a time you wanted to give up? If so, what and/or who kept you going?

The people who pay me their hard earned money and who place so much trust in me to help them overcome mental, physical ,and emotional things in life. This is what motivates me to stay consistent. For them to have that kind of faith and trust in me will always be enough motivation to stay on top of my game.

We’re curious, what does your daily diet look like? Do you give yourself “cheat days”?

I’m a total “realist” trainer. I have a beautiful circle of friends who I love to celebrate their successes, so if cake is served, cake I shall eat. I see too many women in fitness living a deprived life out of fear of their abs going into hiding. I will never allow myself to live with this fear. So, my daily is just do my best to keep it clean.

What does your training routine consist of? (Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, etc.)

My cardio is never on a machine. My body is my cardio machine. I’m addicted to jump squats of every variation. Body weight movements super set at high reps high pace is in my opinion, the BEST cardio!!! Even when doing heavy, I incorporate body weight stuff. Say…heavy chest press super set with various push ups, heavy leg press super set with sumo jump squats, or heavy straight arm tricep press backs super set with dips. I kill my muscle building and get my cardio at same time.

In addition to your diet and training, do you believe in supplements? If so, which kinds do you use and what results have these given you?

My body is hyper sensitive; I don’t even do Tylenol and such, but when close to photo shoot time, I do cycle through supplements. It varies each time as it’s all about what your body will accept and utilize at the time. I wish people realized supplement success is all about self experimentation!!! Women’s hormone balance changes alone will have a particular supplement working one month, then causing you to bloat the next. Paying attention to what your body is needing and telling you is in my opinion, the most important supplement you have!!!

Becca Marie

As an individual within the fitness industry, have you had any interest in the fitness competition world? If so, have you ever participated in any?

I started to train to do bikini and my “trainer” bragged I was his star pupil. So, I followed to the t and ended up with a hernia, bad knee, tennis elbow, hip hurting, shoulder pain, hair loss, acne, and loss of menstrual cycle. When he said I was right on track with my progress, I ran for the hills!!! I enjoy my soft womanly body entirely too much for all that and the long term damage can be devastating. I know too many ex-competitors who suffer from the drastic lengths they went to to be stage ready. Kudos to the women who do compete, but it’s a tough life and for sure not my cup of tea.

Let’s go back to the fact that you are a gym owner. What makes your gym different in comparison to other gyms that already exist? Why should people come to your gym that live in the area?

Wellll ummmm not to sound snobby, but not just anyone is welcome in my gym. I’m a private referral only gym. I give my blood, sweat, tears, and endless support to my chosen clients. So, I don’t allow negative attitudes. “Holier than thou mentality” or wanting a trainer just to say they have a trainer. So, my gym is unique in that I’m building a healthy family and it’s not like a birth family where you’re stuck with whomever; this family is proudly hand picked. 😉

As a personal trainer and a person who cares for others’ physical and mental health, what advice would you give someone who wants to transition their life towards a more healthy and fit lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?

Start by truly looking at who you are, mind, body, and soul, and how did you get there. People don’t gain weight because it’s in style that year, they gain weight because they are escaping from something and the first thing they do is detach from their physical. It’s a survival instinct. The most crucial thing to changing is to first admit where you’re starting from. You can’t improve what you don’t know. Acknowledge yourself, flaws and all, then you will see the changes in all their glory.

We had the opportunity to work together in creating amazing photographs. How would you describe your overall experience with Natalie Minh Photography?

Natalie has been an idol of mine for many years. She captures women at their best because she oozes confidence. Femininity, strength, ambition, and dedication. How can you not shine your brightest when her beautiful smile is telling you you’re gorgeous? She is not intimidated, therefore not intimidating. She is so comfortable in who she is, therefore makes you comfortable. She is proud of her work, therefore makes you proud to be any part of it. I’ve loved working with all my photographers, but she is by far my favorite and I thank her for leaving me craving more out of life from her inspiration. I love her dearly. ♡


Were there any key factors you came out with during our time working together? (In regards to life, fitness, photography, etc.)

I told her I never want to be ripped up, that I adore the softness of my womanly body, and I told her I worried I would not fit in the fitness world because of this. She told me I wouldn’t fit in, but instead I’d stand out. I’ve never been more in love with my body since then. ♡

What is next for you in this new year? What are your future plans and goals?

Well, I’m so brave in front of the still camera, but I want to finally be brave enough to start posting workouts and advice segments to YouTube. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 🙂

Any shout outs?

I want to give a shout out to every single person simply “TRYING”. If a walk around the block is an accomplishment for you ,then don’t care what anyone thinks. Celebrate what you achieved and make a bigger goal for tomorrow. Just promise to always celebrate you!!!!! It’s pitiful to see people who have found fitness, being so shallow and crass as to be in a gym and make fun of people who are just starting their path or who don’t workout the way they do. Finding your health and fitness should empower and humble you to realize that anyone even attempting to work out should be applauded!!! Be it in a face full of make up,or doing curls in a squat rack. If you’re truly focused on bettering yourself, you wouldn’t even notice what anyone else in the gym is doing. And if you’re a fitness professional and do notice shame on you for not honoring your oath and offering some helpful advice. All attempts at fitness should be celebrated!!!

Lastly, where can we find you on the Internet?

I am on:

Twitter (My original quotes written by me, that I desperately need to update)
Personal Twitter

Thanks for finding me interesting enough to interview. Sweetness, encouragement, and blessings to all. ♡


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