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Interview With Bikini-Fitness Model and Personal Trainer, Bianca Romero

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Can you briefly tell us about yourself (where you were born, profession, education, where you live, etc.)?

I was born and raised in a small regional town Mildura, which is in the state Victoria in Australia. I ventured into the big City Melbourne to study film and Television straight out of high school, but then soon discovering my love for health and fitness a few years later that I followed my passion into the fitness industry. Now I currently own my own fitness training Business doing Personal training, groups and Boot camps.

 When did you first find interest in the healthy lifestyle and fitness industry? Have you always been active?

I have always been an active person and into my sports growing up, but I really found a passion for the gym when I got my drivers license at 18 years old because I was then able to drive myself into the gym! Crazy I know but there was no public transport to get me around town where I live.

You’ve competed and won titles for numerous fitness competitions. What and/or who inspired your decision to compete in fitness competitions and become a fitness model?

Just following all of the beautiful fitness models and Ingrid herself inspired me to compete. I use to be sitting in the audience just thinking ‘why can’t I do that, I’m gonna do that!!!’

Not only have you competed in the U.S. alongside TEAM EDGE, but you’ve also had the opportunity to compete in Australia. How has your experience been in both countries? Are there similarities and/or differences?

I have only been on stage in Australia as yet, but its so amazing, the feeling of being on stage up next to a line up of amazing girls just makes you feel so privileged to be up there and even more humbled to win a competition.

How has it been like surrounding yourself with other female fitness competitors as a member of TEAM EDGE? Have you learned anything from them?

Being in TEAM EDGE has been one of the best decisions I have made for my fitness Model career. They are so supportive in many ways, even being on the other side of the planet they still manage to lift me up and keep me going. I have learnt so much from, Gee the Americans know how to train a booty that’s for sure, I never knew what a donkey kickback was until Joe sent me some funny looking video that I looked at thought “you want me to do that…. In my little country town gym” it was quite hilarious the looks I got but they have given me so much confidence to just focus on yourself and follow your dreams.


We’re curious, what does your daily diet look like? Do you give yourself “cheat days”? What do you avoid completely in your diet?

My daily competition diet is rather strict, when I’m not prepping I allow cheat meals every 3-4 days to keep me sane.

Meal 1: ½ cup oats, 1 egg, 3 whites.
Meal 2: 1 apple, 2 rice cakes, 1 can tuna
Meal 3: 120g Chicken, ½ brown rice, 10 asparagus
Meal 4: 130g Turkey or fish, 10 asparagus, 1 cup spinach, ¼ avocado
Meal 5: 150g white fish, 2 cups green salad,
Meal 6: 4 egg whites, 10 almond

From your posts online, you seem to enjoy cooking. What are some of your favorite clean recipes that you would like to share? What is your favorite part about cooking?

I’d have to say my pancakes, the other recipes get a little complicated – you have to check out the chocolate truffles though!

I just blend altogether:
1/3 cup oats
1 egg
3 whites
1/3 banana
1 tsp maca powder
1 scoop of my YorHealth Vanilla MRP

it taste like cake for breakfast, so so delicious

What’s your training routine? Do you follow any specific programs? (Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, etc.)

I do a split program with lots of Plyos,
so it generally goes something like:
Monday: Chest and Back
Tues: Glutes and stairs
Wed: Shoulders and Plyos
Thurs: Legs and Stairs
Fri: Off
Sat: Upper body circuit
Sun: Legs

I would have to say, my favorite exercise might just be those 25 reps of donkey kickbacks… OUCH!

In addition to your diet and training, do you believe in supplements? If so, which kinds do you use and what results have these given you?

I decided to use the YorHealth range purely because if you ever watch their animation, it just makes sense, and eating minimal foods when dieting, you want to consume all your nutrients that you can to ensure you have the energy, stamina and the health to pursue a fitness modeling contest or the body; and their range certainly helps guarantee you are absorbing 100% of your nutrients. I have some information on my website that explains why I love them so much.

You are a personal trainer and provide the service online, such as personal training, semi-private training, online training, and boot camps. Can you tell us more about your services and how it has been assisting others with their health and fitness? Have you learned anything from your clients while doing so?

I do a range of fitness training to suit everyone; Boot camps are outdoors for the nature lovers, Semi- privates and Private training is a little more personal, where I like to get to know my clients on a deeper level and work out what their limiting factors are in reaching their goals so we can smash them down and head for success.

There is also online training that is done via correspondence and weekly photos to track progress for my clients who live all over the world.

Its such a gift to give to be able to help people lose their unwanted weight and reach their bodies fullest potential, when they change mentally and walk in the door smiling every time you know you’ve made a difference, and to hear someone say ‘you’ve saved my life’ just makes my job so amazing on every level.


Besides having Team Edge as supporters, where do you get your motivation from to stay consistent with your fitness (as well as your fitness career) and to strive to assist others with theirs?

My motivators are my partner who encourages me every day to keep going and to be my best, and the guys around the gym that understand what its like to diet and train like a crazy person. They try to keep me on track and pull me back on the bandwagon when I’m falling off. Yes we have a few bodybuilders around town

What are your plans and goals for the future? Do you have any future competitions in the works?

At this stage, my primary focus is my career moving forward and changing other peoples lives. As far as competitions go, competing in America is still on my list so I’d like to tick that off in 2014 as well.

Any shout outs?

My coaches are the best out there, that’s a broad statement but I couldn’t have done it without them, who would’ve thought 2 people on the other side of the world could motivate me through prep and get me stage ready, I appreciate every thin they have done for me. And my family for putting up with craziness and crazy hours! And just the people around me, and my partner and the ones in the gym who push me when I need it. They know who they are.

Lastly, where can we find you on the Internet?

You can find me at
instragram @biancaromeo
twitter @biancaromeo


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