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Interview With WBFF Competitor & Fitness Model – Natalie Lerma

Bodybuilding / Competition / Diet / Exercise / Figure / Fitness / Fitness model / Food / Gym / Healthy / Inspiration / Lose weight / Modeling / Motivation / Nutrition / Recipes / Training / Workout plan / January 11, 2014

natalie lerma

Natalie Lerma is an amazing person. Successfull WBFF competitor and fitness model with an inspirational story and her battle with Osteoporosis. She cannot stray away from fitness because she refuses to let her Osteoporosis wear her bones down any further. Natalie has been through a lot of setbacks but none of this kept her from making it to the top. Read what she has to say:

Name: Natalie Lerma
Hometown: Seal Beach, CA
Height: 5’4
Birthday: June 8th
Weight: 115
Occupation: Surgical Device Sales Representative

Can you tell us something about yourself and what you do?

I am a fitness model, bikini competitor, new mom to a beautiful 5 month old baby girl, and work full-time as a surgical medical device sales representative.

Can you share with us your inspirational story on how you battled osteoporosis and refused to let it take over your life?

I had an unfortunate accident while training, breaking my right foot. It was broken for 3 months and I had no idea. I kept working out on it until it became too painful. After numerous tests under full body scanners, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis at age 29. Doctors said my bones were of a 60 year olds. Bruises would last for months and I never knew why. I knew I had weak bones, but ignored it. My twin sister was diagnosed 2 years before me after breaking her collar bone.

I can no longer live in denial. I’ve chosen to take care of myself by lifting weights, incorporting H.I.I.T., and adding plyometrics to my workouts to keep my bones strong as I lose bone mass density each year.

FMI 728x90

Tell us more about your transformation story. Was this the reason why you chose to live a healthy and be fit?

My transformation story began in January 2011 with weight lifting and H.I.I.T. training. I lost 20% body fat in 6 months by eating clean meals every 2 hours and working out 5 days week. By June I had taken my first steps on the stage at the WBFF U.S. Championship in Boston, MA. I placed in the top 10 and wanted more! Two months later I competed at the WBFF World Championships where I placed 6th. Being on stage in front of thousands of people showing off my hard work is pretty awesome! But nothing can replace the feeling of a healthy mind and body. That is why I chose to live healthy and fit.

How important is it to have a good support system with this lifestyle?

Absolutely a must. My husband has been there through this whole process…he is my rock! He has supported me through tough times and when I thought I could not go any further. You must find those people in your life who will be there for you!

Looking back to what you have accomplished so far, what is that one thing that you would change if you could knowing what you can do now?

I wish I would had listened to my body many years ago when I had a inclination of weak bones.

What is your typical daily diet?

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!! Breakfast has been my most favorite meal of the day. I typically have oatmeal, berries, and eggs with whites along with black coffee. I then have 4 more meals through out the day consisting 4oz of a lean protein such as chicken or fish, any green vegetable, and half cup of complex carb (sweet potato my favorite). I don’t deprive myself, so always allow a cheat meal to satify my sugar tooth!

What is your weekly workout routine? Can you share them?

I weight train 4-5 days a week separating each muscle group legs/abs, bi’s/back, shoulders/chest/tri’s/abs with 30min H.I.I.T. cardio 3 days a week. Sometimes I live to try to add in 1 day of yoga from a long busy work week to help me relax through the weekend.

Do you have advice for who wish to enter into the fitness industry?

Determination is key. When I started on this journey people questioned my decisions and some even made fun. However, those same individuals are now asking for my help and want to know how I reached my goals.

What do you think is the best form of exercise for women to burn calories and lose the extra weight fast?

Combining H.I.I.T. with weight training. But that’s not all. Eating Clean is essential to loosing weight. You can train hard, but if your diet is not align, will be very difficult to loose fast.

Any tips for athletes especially women who wish to start competing but don’t know where to start?

Look up a local federation near you and pick a date that is at least 12 weeks of your goal. Hold yourself to it! Join facebook groups in support of one another competing in fitness shows. I have found them to be great support support systems and gained knowledge of the lifestyle. Most importantly, attend a show to see if you can picture yourself struting your hardwork on stage!

What do you think is the most important thing an athlete can have in order to be successful in this trade?


FMI 728x90

Do you have any upcoming competitions, events, or seminars?

2014 is a new year for me and I will never say never. Stay tuned…………

Where can we find you in the internet?

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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