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Interview with the Fabulously Fit Over 40 Couple – Jay Campbell and Monica Diaz

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Can you give us a brief background about yourself (where you were born, how it was like growing up, profession, education, where you live, etc.)?

Jay was born in Cincinnati Ohio and Monica in Glendale CA. Jay was the oldest of 9 children and Monica the 3rd of 4. Both of us grew up in strong traditional Catholic families where the father wasn’t around much due to work/life commitments. Jay graduated from Georgia South Western University and was a scholarship basketball player. Monica graduated from Bishop Amat HS and started working in Real Estate as a Certified Residential Appraiser soon after. Jay was a former Fashion and Fitness Model in his 20’s but made his bones as a digital marketing sales and strategy expert. Monica had 3 kids from 24-31 years old and focused much of her time raising her kids. During this time Monica had to step up to the plate and become the main provider for her family. She then went into Real Estate Sales full time at about 32 years of age.

As Fabulously Fit Over 40, your list of careers includes being a real estate seller, digital/social media/marketing/sales architect, fitness and nutrition consultants, life coaches, and fitness models and competitors. How did everything get started for you and what prompted your decision to follow these paths?

Jay was working in sales and digital media for the last 20 years before partnering with Monica to launch The Monica Diaz Team. Jay had a thirst for knowledge in his 20’s and studied nutrition/molecular biology, endocrinology, and exercise science. He has been a student of the human physique for well over 20 years and is truly a thought leader in these arenas. At the same time, Jay worked in a number of sales and marketing capacities for some of the leading automotive information sites like, and It was during this time he learned how to harness and manipulate the power of the internet through blogging and building a huge social network of clients and recognized thought leaders in the digital media realm.

Monica knew she had to do something to provide for her family since her ex was simply not motivated. She was tired of scraping by. Hence, she went into real estate sales. Monica has worked with many of the top real estate coaches, life coaches, and personal growth seminar instructors to develop a strong foundation and work ethic.

Jay and Monica met on in August of 2012. Jay and Monica decided to work together in October of 2012 and their amazing story began. They realized their amazing synergy through observation of each others motivation, discipline, focus, and drive. They set goals together, train together, work together and strategize together.

Both of you are a part of Fabulously Fit Over 40 and also The Monica Diaz Team. Can you tell us more about both businesses and how it has been to work together as a couple in the fitness industry as well as real estate?

The Monica Diaz Team is one of the top producing real estate teams for Century 21 in North America. In 2013, Monica was in the top 3 overall in the Western Region and in the top 10 nationally. Our fitness success as a couple only helps our professional brand in the general public. Our goal with Fab Fit Over 40 is to inspire and Coach other 40+year olds to live a fit and fabulous life. This has become a passionate hobby for us as we thoroughly enjoy helping and being inspired by others.

As individuals who live a healthy and fit lifestyle, we’re curious, what does your daily diet look like? Do you give yourself “cheat days”?

J: Meal 1:
Protein Shake (1 Scoop Muscle Milk Vanilla, 1 Scoop Muscle Pharm Combat Powder with 2 Tablespoons Udo’s Oil)
M: Meal 1:
Bowl of Oatmeal with Scoop of Muscle Pharm Combat Powder)
J&M: Meal 2:
6 Ground Turkey Meatballs (Trader Joes) 1/2 cup Brown Rice
J&M: Meal 3
6 Ground Turkey Meatballs (Trader Joes) 1/2 cup Brown Rice
J&M: Training Day Meal 4
Post Workout Shake- 60 gms Protein and 75 gms Carbs (Jay) 40 gms Protein and 60gms Carbs (Monica)
J&M: Non-Training Day Meal 4
Egg Whites-Chicken and Sweet Potato Tater Tots (cooked in Coconut Oil)
J&M Training Day-Meal 5
Egg Whites-Chicken and Sweet Potato Tater Tots (cooked in Coconut Oil)
J&M Non-Training Day Meal 5 (Last Meal)
Protein Shake-50 gms Casein Protein and 3 Tablespoons of MCT Oil (Jay) 35 gms Casein Protein and 1.5 Tablespoons MCT Oil (Monica)
J&M Training Day Meal 6
Protein Shake-50 gms Casein Protein and 3 Tablespoons of MCT Oil (Jay) 35 gms Casein Protein and 1.5 Tablespoons MCT Oil (Monica)

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Depending on what our goals are determines the amount of “cheat” days we allow. We are both extremely disciplined and like to think of food as fuel as opposed to entertainment. Neither of us drinks alcohol and we try to minimize if not eliminate sugar consumption.

What does your training routine consist of? (Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, etc.)

Day 1– Chest-Back-Abs

AM Session
Machine Presses 3×8-12
Cable Flyes 2 x15 and x12
Incline Presses 3×8-12
Pec-Dec or Life Fitness Fly Machine 2×15 and 2×12

PM Session
Band Wide Grip Pull Ups 3x 8-10 (Each Rep consists of Rep and Half Rep)
Hammer Supported Machine or Reverse Grip Rows 3×10 (Last Set consists of Rep and Half Rep)
Dead Stop Bent Lateral Rows 3x 8-10 and 1 Rest Pause Set til Failure
Cable Upright Rows or Rope Pulls 3×10

Ab Bench Crunches

Day 2-Quads-Hams-Calves

Machine Leg Presses or Quad Squats 3×10
DB Deads 4×10
Walking DB Lunges 3×10
Seated Ham Curls 2×15 x12
Seated or Standing Calf Raises 3×25-20-15

Day 3 OFF

Day 4-Delts-Biceps-Triceps

DB or Machine Presses 3 x 8-12DB or Cheat Bar Upright Rows 3×10
Machine or DB Laterals 3×15-12-10
Rear Lateral Machine or Bent Laterals 3×20-15-10

Dip Machine or Triceps Pushups Elevated 3×8-12
Skull Crushers 3x 8-12 or Cable Behind Head Extensions 3x 8-12

Hammer DB’s 3x 8-12
Preacher Curls (Machine-or DB) 3x 8-12

Day 5-Chest-Back Specialize

Rotate from Chest to Back and Vice Versa

Incline Machine 2×8-12 plus 1 Rest Pause Set
Cable Fly 3×15-12-10

Band Inside Grip Chins x3 Failure (each rep consists of one rep and one half rep)
Rvs Grip Hammer Pulldown Rows x2 8-12
Dead Stop Bent Over Rows (Smith or Barbell) x4 8-12
DB Shrugs x2 til Failure

When we are training for a competition-there is always AM Fasted Cardio anywhere from 20-30 minutes. On non training days we’ll sometimes do 2 sessions of cardio. We both have lifecycle stationary bikes right next to our beds which makes it extremely easy to roll out of the rack and start pumping away. Usually we have to do it before our daughters wake up.

We also make it a point to use Bands in our training. We also warm up and cool down with beastie balls and knotted foam rollers to remove fascial adhesions. These dramatically lessen the impact on the joints and soft tissue and lkdlk.


In addition to your diet and training, do you believe in supplements? If so, which kinds do you use and what results have these given you?

Of course we consume supplements. Living a busy lifestyle while always being on the go, it’s imperative we supplement. Staples are Udo’s Oil, Casein Protein from Optimum and Muscle Pharm, Bone Up, Fiber Gummies, Tylers Liver Detox, Red Yeast Tablets and Multi Vitamin/Mineral. Thermogenics we rotate from VPX Meltdown to Redline and sometimes Labrada’s Newest stuff. We’re about to give Binais’s fat burner a chance soon.

We had the opportunity to work together in creating amazing photographs. How would you describe your overall experience with Natalie Minh Photography?

Natalie is amazing. I’ve worked with her on 4 different shoots now and every time I’ve had an incredibly enjoyable time. As a former competitor and model herself-she really has a keen eye for positioning the human physique in a way that consistently flatters the individual’s top body parts. Monica has had very LIMITED exposure to professional photography. Natalie is extremely professional, gave amazing tips to Monica and helped her feel extremely comfortable.

Were there any key factors you came out with during our time working together? (In regards to life, fitness, photography, etc.)

Both of us learned how to pose better for our competitions. Monica learned about breathing and simply relaxing. HAVE FUN…this makes it so much easier.

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Both of you are fitness models and competitors. Is it easier to relate to each other when having similar interests?

Definitely. Our lives are highly detailed and meticulous. We are on very similar schedules especially regarding eating and training. Obviously we work together and pretty much do everything together. Both coming from previous relationships where we just did not have much in common…we thoroughly enjoy the ability to be with a mate who shares so much in relationship to the other. We know right away what the other might be feeling. Typically when one of us might be having an off day…the stronger one knows exactly what to do to help the other get back on track. We are one of the most synergistically aligned couples I have ever been exposed to. We both feel extremely grateful.

You both competed in the Global Physique’s 2013 Santa Barbara Grand Prix, with Jay placing 2nd for Men’s Classic Physique Masters Over 35 and Monica placing 2nd for Women’s Fitness Bikini Masters Over 35. How was your overall experience and do you two ever get competitive as to who went home a winner or not after competitions?

Actually Jay won First Overall for Men’s Physique –all classes and Monica was first overall for Women’s Figure Fitness all classes. The answer is an honest no on the competitive issue. We both compete for the love of the sport and the goal oriented behavior that encompasses the ultimate outcome of being shredded and looking better naked. We both love to see each other win…we hug each other and support each for the journey and the experience. Of course, we love to win however no matter what being held by each other at the end of the day is the true prize.

As parents to your children and having multiple careers, how do you make time to juggle everything and also workout? Where does your motivation come from to stay consistent with your fitness and careers and strive to assist others with theirs?

It is honestly just something we’re genetically hardwired with. We schedule everything. Motivation and drive is definitely innate. To have a sense of purpose while continually bettering ourselves, and the lives of the people we influence. It is not easy. You have to make time. Neither of us sleeps more than 6 hours a night very often. We both live our lives with a rule of paying it forward. We both try and live in a state of acceptance and gratitude as much as possible. Accepting others for who and what they are and being genuinely grateful for every waking moment we spend on this earth able to walk-talk, eat and breathe. We are on this earth for a short period, we want each day to be filled with experiences we can grow and improve from. Contrast is a part of our life, due to wearing many hats. We look at the contrast as a learning experience and realize it is part of the process. Our kids are a true joy for us. These young men and women are light in our days and we are so grateful we get the opportunity to have each and everyone of them in our lives.


Do you want your children to follow in your healthy and fit footsteps?

Absolutely. But we won’t make them do anything they don’t want to do for them selves. After helping people for as many years as we have, we both know you can’t make anybody do or be anything they don’t want to do or be for themselves. Jay has started to train Monica’s 17 year old son, Evan. Evan is not very motivated and we can’t make him workout. We believe the best way to teach them is through our example. Perhaps one day they will start drinking the healthy “juice”. If not, they have their own journey.

As fitness and nutrition consultants, what advice would you give someone (at any age) who wants to transition their life towards a more healthy and fit lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?

Read as much as you can for free on the inter-webs about nutrition. Learn about macronutrients. What is the difference between a fat-carb and protein. As we age nutrition is truly 75% of the battle. Consistent training builds muscles but it is the diet carving the physique. Speak to people who embody the look you want to possess yourself. Be careful of rip off artists who act like they want to help you. Hire people who have great reviews or great references. Too many people out there are “experts”. Soon our site-Fabulously Fit Over 40 will offer start up programs for any level of conditioning. Our goal is to be a beacon of hope for many people who can’t seem to find the right program or strategy.

What is next for you in this new year? What are your future plans and goals? Any competitions in the works?

Monica and I are preparing to defend our recent titles in the Golden State Championships for Global Physique on March 22nd. Two weeks after we are going get married in Cabo San Lucas on the beach. Natalie is coming. Additionally, we want to grow The Monica Diaz Team Brand in Southern CA, helping as many people as possible with home ownership. We also have a steadfast determination of making Fabulously Fit over 40 a prominent website and brand. We want to write 3 E-Books with the goal of helping people in their 40’s and beyond improve every aspect of their life including fitness-fat loss, and personal success.


Any shout outs?

Shout Outs from Jay: to Michael Cernovich author of for getting in my face to re-kindle my passion for writing. Keith Capobianco for his long time dedication to my blog, his amazing graphic design and most importantly for his BEAT DOWN of LUNG CANCER in the last year. Love you Bro! To my younger brother Sean Campbell- the CEO of his company-he was there for me at my darkest hour. For Ryan Gallante-owner and GM of who gave me the opportunity to ‘start over’ in LA. To Jason Greene-otherwise known as ZOD of the IT world who like Mike Cernovich has encouraged me and supported me for almost a decade.

Shout out from Monica: Alma Rodriguez for always being a voice of reason for me. Veronica Gonzalez for inspiring me to write and being a light in my life. Marc Chamberlain for being one of my only family members willing to accept me for who I am. Vivian Quintana for being with me when we set our “ideal mate list” in Hawaii. Matthew Ferry for helping me in one of the toughest times of my life and for teaching me the power of integrity.

Lastly, where can we find you on the Internet?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


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