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Interview with Business Coach, Author, Spokesperson & Fitness Host Alycia Darby

Diet / Fitness / Fitness model / Nutrition / Uncategorized / December 5, 2013

lycAlycia DarbyAia Darby’s mission in life and work is to help people discover what they love and pursue it. Through my business “FLEX Your Life,” she work with
entrepreneurs building their businesses, She coach clients one-on-one to find their strengths, and  produce videos to introduce people to new fitness products and routines. Her clients are typically personal trainers, fitness studio owners, and entrepreneurs starting a new business and building their brand.

How did you get started in fitness? Do you have any athletic background?

I was a dancer since age 3 and always had a passion for staying fit and healthy. During my first job, I started training with an ISSA personal trainer and learned so much about my body and loved the changes I experienced. I received my certification through the ISSA and have continued to learn and grow ever since!

What made you decide to get into fitness hosting?

I love public speaking and my passion is helping people discover and share their strengths. On-camera hosting is a natural way for me to reach a larger audience and encourage their success toward a healthy life. For me, it’s just plain fun!

What competitions have you participated in and what were the results? Can you walk us through your experiences?

When I first began training, I saw the shows as glamorous and wanted to try it out. Fortunately, due to my experience in pageants, I finished 2nd place and qualify for a national show.

Can you tell us more about your role as a Spokesperson for the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)? What work you do for them?

I love working with the ISSA! My bachelor’s and master’s degrees are both in education and I worked in college campuses for over 5 years, so I love that the ISSA is an accredited school. I was selected as a Spokesperson to represent the company at trade shows like the Arnold and Mr. Olympia. It’s been a ton of fun to connect fitness enthusiasts with a program that can help them increase their knowledge, credibility, and experience. The ISSA has been great to me in this role and I’m honored to be an ISSA Personal Fitness Trainer and Spokesperson.

As the author of the eBook “Get a Better Body: Diet and Exercise Tips to Lose Fat and Get Fit” can you share some tips to our readers? Where can they find your book?

I think sometimes p
eople over-think basic elements of fitness that we all know work. I want everyone to have access to the knowledge to get fit without over-complicated the process. In this eBook, I keep it simple. I give basic explanations of the most important concepts you need to know, such as eating regularly, the 5 ways we gain fat and the 3 ways to lost it, a list of approved foods for fat loss, an easy meal plan, and workout to get you started toward getting a better body! The eBook is available for instant download from my Success Store at

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Being an inspiration to others, what inspires you the most?

I’m constantly inspired by the accomplishments of my clients. I get to see their growth intimately and am always amazed by how much people can learn, develop, and grow toward their strengths. Their successes fuel mine!

We’re curious, what’s your typical diet like?

Super clean! I was fortunate to grow up when parents that didn’t like most condiments (mayonnaise, cheese, salad dressing, etc), so I like rather plain foods.

Here’s a typical day for me:

7:30 am     – oatmeal, walnuts, banana
9:00 am     – 3 eggs, peach
12:00 nn    – tuna, spinach (yes, just plain!)
3:00 pm     – handful of walnuts, Greek yogurt, blueberries, honey
6:00 pm     – steamed vegetables, salmon
9:00 pm     – steamed vegetables, salmon (I just eat left overs of whatever I ate at dinner)

Sad news is: I hate cooking, but the good news is: my taste buds don’t get easily offended.

A re you taking any supplements? How useful do you think they are?

I think supplements can be really helpful to athletes, when used properly. However, for general fitness, the only supplements I take are coffee in the morning and supplemental vitamins as needed.

What type of training do you do? What specific program do you follow? (Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, etc.)

My training varies based on the season in my life. Currently, I’m focused on general lifestyle fitness, so I do full body circuit training 3x/week with my fitness studio, Circuit Works. It’s authentic circuit training, so I burn tons more calories than any other workout in just an hour. I like working out in the group setting without everyone doing the same thing. Plus, the classes are super-small and it’s with a Personal Trainer, so they are able to care for my body’s little idiosyncrasies. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a Must-Do! When I’m not doing Circuit Works, I like to hike, run the Santa Monica stairs, and do yoga. Also, I love to stretch and foam roll daily – these are my secret weapons for feeling and looking great!


What is the most challenging thing you dealt with in order to stay in shape?

Prioritizing! Some days I’d rather check a few things off my to-do list than go to the gym or spend time making meals. I have to remind myself that work is never done and my body needs time to lift, stretch, and roll (yes, foam roll!) so I can continue to perform at my best in all areas of my life.

You gained huge success in the beauty pageant field. What do you think are the three most important aspects of doing well in a pageant contest?

Pageants are the perfect balance of personal growth and entertainment.

To be successful,

1.) you have to know yourself and accept all things that make you who you are.

2.) You’ve got to practice. Just like any other stage performance, you’ve got to put on the gown and walk the stage so you are fully comfortable when the lights are on and judges are lined up.

3.) Believe it or not, you have to actually care less about winning and more about making a difference. If you are too focused on winning, you will miss the point about how pageantry can change your life and the lives of others. This is what separates the contestants who win from the contestants who leave a legacy.

Dancer Alycia Darby

You provide private coaching to pageant contestants. What makes you different from other coaches? What can people expect from your services?

My coaching is all about self-development and skill-building for on-stage that translates to off-stage performance. I work with women who are looking to improve beyond the stage lights and who are truly prepared to make a difference in the world and in themselves. I demand personal growth and my clients find success in this model – on stage and off! A typical session combines positive mind-set training with practical competition elements such as moving on stage, posing, and speaking in public. My clients leave every single session with increased confidence, specific homework to practice, and deeper understanding of who they are.

What’s next for you? What projects are you currently working on?

My new book, “FLEX Your Life: The 4-Step Strategy to Create a Business that Fits You” was just published and is available on Amazon or in my Success Store at The book gives entrepreneurs a very clear and easy-to-follow outline to create a business that fits their mission, strengths, resources, and goals. If you are wanting to create your own business, this is where you can start! It’s a quick read and comes with a free activity guide to move you through each step. To compliment the book, I’m developing a business course for people with an entrepreneur spirit who are wanting to start their own business, but not sure where to begin. I’m excited to walk these budding entrepreneurs through the four steps of FLEX in this 8-week program to help them discover the business that fits them!

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Where can we find you on the internet?


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