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Interview with Artist, Athlete & Fitness Model Valer Bobak

Bodybuilding / Diet / Exercise / Featured / Fitness / Fitness model / Fitness Photographer / Food / Gym / Healthy / Nutrition / Photography / August 10, 2013

1. Can you tell us something about yourself and what you do?

I am originally from Slovakia and currently living in northern California. I have been a vivid child with bunch of energy, and always lot to say. Since my childhood I filled my head with many dreams, which now I am trying to accomplish. I am a very curious person who has many interests among which belong fitness, art, photography, design and

2. Are you a full time fitness professional?

Depends how you look at it. I am an athlete who lives a fit lifestyle, but I don’t compete in fitness competitions.

3. Do you have another profession aside from being fitness professional? How are you able to balance fitness with your career?

I work as a personal banker, so the job takes up majority of my day. However, I am pretty consistent about working out before or after my work. It is not always easy to cut your sleep short or to ignore being tired after work, but I love it. When it comes to my other hobbies, I have a background in art, so I make art including paintings and sculptures, as well as I enjoy customizing cars.

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4. How did you start training and what was your turning point?

I started to play water polo when I was six years old and played competitively up until two years ago. In college, I was part of the team that won a California State Championship title. I had so much fun being an athlete; the rigorous training, the power of the team, the feeling of winning. It is amazing. I love the game and I miss it, but with the amount of time it requires to be ready everyday to play, and I could not do it anymore. Since I enjoy staying fit, I turned to my second option, which was fitness.

5. What motivates you to do fitness?

I think when you spend your childhood and early twenties always practicing and competing, it is not possible to quit athletics completely. I don’t compete anymore, but being active has remained important part of my life. I helps me to recharge, relax and just enjoy myself, whether it is lifting weights, swimming, biking, surfing, or skating.

6. Do you compete for fitness? or do you have plans of competing in the future?

I don’t compete in fitness right now, but who knows maybe one day I will.

Fitness Model Valer Bobak with sister Veronika Bobakova

7. Do you have brands or business related to fitness? or do you see yourself having projects related to fitness?

There are few fitness projects I am helping my sister with. I have my head full of creative ideas, let’s see what gets done. I would like to see all the ideas turn to successful projects.

8. What training routines do you do to be able to maintain your physique?

I go to gym consistently, about five to six days a week. For me, being tall and having long muscles, I have to work extra hard to build the size. As far as my routine, I try to switch it up every so often, but it is definitely very intense.

9. What supplements do you take?

It is an ongoing test of what works and what don’t work for me. Currently, I take the basics multivitamins, fish oil, L-Glutamine, and a protein shake.

10. What is your typical diet?

I have a fast metabolism, so I am able to eat literally anything. As far as my diet, I try to keep the diversity up. I would have to say, meat, fish, sea food, diary products, veggies, fruits, nuts, along with a good amount of water, and some snacks.

11. What does your training regimen look like?

I usually start with a morning stretch. Occasionally, I do some cardio in the morning; I actually enjoy swimming before work. On days when I rather workout in the evening, it is either intense conditioning or heavy lifting. I might jump into the pool to play a game of water polo here and there.

12. How does your discipline as fitness professional influence your life as a whole?

I think it makes me more disciplined. It reminds me to stay on point and keeps me accountable in other aspects of my life. I try to find a way to do my training very consistently, but give myself also sufficient time to rest. It is all about the time management and self motivation. We all have 24 hours in one day, but we all also decide how we spend them.

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13. What made you attend the FMI Conference? What are your top 3 take aways?

My sister, Veronika, introduced me to it. She went to a previous one and brought me this one. I think I gathered a lot of information, as well as met with other upcoming fitness professionals. It is a great way to make new friends with similar mindset and lifestyle.

My top 3 take aways:

(1) building your brand
(2) learning the business aspect of fitness, and
(3) and the opportunity to work with great photographers

14. How would you like to be known in the fitness industry?

Definitely as reputable fitness professional and who has the ability to motivate others through my healthy lifestyle. Also, a business minded person of multiple talents including art and design.

15. Where can we find you on the internet?

You can connect with me on facebook, just look up Valer Bobak, or you can like my page Valer Bobak, as well as instagram #svk6. To look up my art, the website is


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