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BioLayne: BioLayne Video Log 4 – Myths About Protein

Diet / Food / Nutrition / June 14, 2013

BioLayne: In the 4th Video Log, Layne lays out some common protein misconceptions and does his best to break down the actual science.

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About BioLayne

Layne Eiseman Norton
Tampa, Florida

Current Work:
Bodybuilding/figure/physique coach
Scivation consultant
IFPA & NGA natural pro bodybuilder
Professional Powerlifter

Bodybuilding Career Highlights:
2001 INBF Mid America Muscle Classic overall Teen champion
2002 SNBF Tennessee men’s open tall champion
2004 ABA Mr. Indiana men’s open overall champion
2004 ABA Mr. Illinois men’s open overall champion
2006 OCB Spirit of America men’s open heavyweight runner-up
2006 OCB Great Lakes States men’s open overall champion*
2006 NGA Heart of America Natural Classic men’s open overall champion*
2010 IFPA Pro International: Heavyweight Winner
2010 IFPAGaspari Pro Classic: 4th Place Heavyweight
2010 IFP Yorton Cup Pro World Championships: 5th Place Heavyweight
2010 NGA Pro Universe: 4th Place


Powerlifting Highlights:
2009 AAPF Illinois Raw Power Challenge 220 lb class champion
2010 Pro Raw Unity 220 lb class 4th place
2011 Raw United Tony Conyers Extravaganza 220 lb class champion and best pound for pound lifter
2012 APF Europa Pro Raw Challenge 220 lb class champion


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