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Lazy Person’s Guide To Burnin’ Calories

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Lazy Person’s Guide To Burnin’ Calories

Dieting sucks and exercise isn’t always possible for those of us with busy lives are valid excuses that we can tell ourselves. Here are some easy suggestions that can burn calories while catching up on household chores.

What do you know! Fidgeting burns 100 calories in a day while laughing heartily reduces 50 calories in 15 minutes. There are more:

  1. Playing with your kids: 200 calories in 30 minutes
  2. Dancing: 100 calories in 15 minutes
  3. Housework: 200 calories in 30 minutes
  4. Mowing your lawns:  100 calories in 40 minutes
  5. Grocery Shopping: 200 calories in 45 minutes
  6. Washing your car: 100 calories in 30 minutes
  7. Ironing: 25 calories in 10 minutes
  8. Gardening: 200 calories in 30 minutes
  9. Cooking Dinner: 100 calories in 40 minutes
  10. At work , walk and talk: 200 calories throughout the day

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There are some more surprising suggestions for easy metabolism boosters such as eating breakfast every day and getting at least 7 hours of sleep. So the next time you are doing some household chores, think of it as way to burn calories!

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