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Q&A: How do I Get Published in Fitness Magazines?

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Hi Natalie!

Just finished your book! Thank you very much and very informative. Let me get your feedback on this. I want covers haha and eventually do something like the Biggest Loser or something like that. Should I find the editors of magazines and periodically mail them my photos and media kit and all that? Or what would be the best way for me to dial that in (like David Kimmerle, Plitt, Obi) like those guys. I see how you and Natalie Evamarie are teaming up and doing great work right now. If you ever need a guy for that I’d totally be down..and one last thing, if you know any agents or could connect me with anyone that could help with my goals that’d be great. Thx Nat and hope you and the fam are great.

A Fitness Model from Southern California




Dear A Fitness Model from Southern California,

Thanks so much for writing me and glad that you enjoyed my book, The Insider’s Guide to the Business of Fitness Modeling!

insider's guide -3d-2 (300R) copy

Start by writing like two sample articles that would ready to publish and save to PDF format. Contact the editors (I have the Insider’s Guide: 2012 Global Fitness Magazine Directory for sale with over 200 fitness mags and their contacts which you can get here so that you don’t have to try to figure out who to contact on your own) and introduce yourself, be a fan, tell them about how you could contribute and help their mag. It’s all about them, not you. Tell them you’d love to provide content to them like workouts, editorial photos or whatever else you’re good about writing on. Give them a short 1-2 paragraph bio, what you do professionally and your passion for fitness. You also live in SoCal (the rest of the world finds that very glamorous). Attach your sample articles and invite their feedback.

Basically come at them as an expert resource willing to give them great content and you’re golden. Emphasizing your other professional talents is also more respectable than just being a “fitness model”. To a magazine, its a no brainer to get free content and run the material. Once you are dependable and liked, they will reward you with stuff like covers.

You have a fantastic look, they would run your pics easy if you can back it up with some great content. Or if the editorial image makes sense for whatever else their writers are conjuring up. Just ask the editors what pics they need and you’d be “happy” to provide that to them.

Thank them profusely for their time. They are the king.

This is kinda long but follow me on this….. if you can use these levers of influence in your communication with the mags, the CANNOT say no. I do it in every area of my business.

1. Reciprocation. People are more willing to comply with requests (for favors, services,information, concessions, etc.) from those who have provided such things first. Hence, my suggestion of helping them first, then asking for what you want like the cover.

2.Commitment/Consistency. People are more willing to be moved in a particular direction if they see it as consistent with an existing commitment.

3. Authority. People are more willing to follow the directions or recommendations of a communicator to whom they attribute relevant authority or expertise.  I’m not totally sure what your expertise is professionally but either in fitness or professionally, brandishing your expertise sets you as an authority. Mags are all about establishing authority.

4. Social Validation. People are more willing to take a recommended action if they see evidence that many others, especially similar others, are taking it.  For this, send in a few of your top tearsheets or other professional photos taken by reputable fitness photographers.  The photos should be in line with what is published with that magazine.

5. Scarcity. People find objects and opportunities more attractive to the degree that they are scarce, rare, or dwindling in availability.

6. Liking/Friendship. People prefer to say yes to those they know and like.  You are friendly, helpful to the mag so therefore they like you and will do what you want when the time comes.



Natalie Minh

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