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Did you say 50 Years Old?! Mishel Cali Shares Her Perfect Body Secrets

Bodybuilding / Competition / Diet / Exercise / Featured / Figure / Fitness / Fitness model / Fitness Photographer / Inspiration / Lose weight / Nutrition / Photography / Photoshoots / Progress pics / Slide Gallery / Training / August 6, 2012

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1. Can you tell us about yourself and how you started training?

I grew up on the North Shore of Boston. I attended Salem State University with a Bachelors in Business/Accounting. Although, I “Wicked” love the east coast, as soon as I was old enough I came looking for the “Glamour” of Hollywood. By day, I am a Television Production Accountant on numerous Reality shows. Recently, I started playing the piano, became an Airbrush Tanning Tech and will get my Sports Nutrition certification within the month. Always looking to learn or do something new…

2. Have you always been active? Did you play any sports growing up?

Yes, I started at age 10 doing gymnastics and was competitive until college.

3. When did you become involved in fitness/bodybuilding?

After Gymnastics, the next thing was the Aerobics craze, headbands, tights and legwarmers. I became interested in the bodybuilders of the 1980’s which is now what I would say the Figure division. I was inspired watching athletes like Rachel McLish and Gladys Portuguese.

Interview with 51-year-old figure competitor Mishel Cali

4. What inspired your decision to become a Fitness Competitor?

I was always looking for ways to get to the next level and also to defy common belief that women are or can’t be “this and that” after a certain age!!! I was training and as I was seeing results, I started thinking about what I could do and mostly what goal I could work towards. Until I stepped on stage, I really only thought I was using a contest date as a training tool.

5. You first competed when you were 45 years old. Can you tell us more about your experience?

It was amazing. I trained and dieted really hard. I kept moving the contest date each time feeling I wasn’t ready. I then started telling everyone so now I had to enter. I pretty much did a lot of reading and went into it a little blind. When I got there and saw all the competitors with their coaches, I said to myself “what are you doing at age 45?” I figured I did my homework and prepared the best I could so whatever happens, I won. I achieved what I had set out to do. I laugh and tell everyone when I put on my crystal shoes, all the fear disappeared. The feeling I had on that stage was unbelievable…to set a goal and follow thru to the end.

6. What kind of training do you focus on?

I do weights 4x week and cardio 5-6 days a week.

7. Do you vary your training program during on and off-season?

I basically train the same all the time. I do vary cardio as show or event gets closer depending on needs. Also, right now preparing for contest, I’m lifting really heavy with my trainer, something I don’t do on my own.


8. You have a background in gymnastics. Do you incorporate this with your workout program?

I think gymnastics has given me the discipline needed to follow the training and diet regiment needed. Also, I it has helped me with posing, form and stage presence.

9. How long did it take you to achieve the physique you have now?

My whole life!!! It’s funny someone asked me that recently…. I have always trained hard and with a lot of dedication I’ve looked pretty good as I have gotten older but just in the past 4 months, my trainer Michele has taken me to the next level and I have to say at age “50” the best shape of my life!

10. Do you take any supplements? If so, which ones do you use?

Yes, I am a huge fan of Gaspari Nutrition. I use a Multivitamin, L-Carnitine, BCAA and Glutamine. What role do you feel supplements have in developing a muscle mass? For Muscle Mass, I mostly depend and like to get my nutrients from food. Any supplements are to compliment or give me anything I may be lacking…

11. What is your diet like when trying to get in peak condition?

Always very clean. I have been forced with a sensitive stomach to eat that way for a long time. When I am training it varies depending on what I am trying to achieve. And always preparing foods at home to ensure no cheating. Nutrition is the key!

Stage Ready Nutriton & Training by Brian Cannone

12. Did you have any problems on staying on track with your fitness program?

No, I enjoy the challenge and it keeps me strong and confident physically and mentally. What motivates you to push forward? When I see the progress and changes in my figure and how great I feel, I always want to do and achieve more. My favorite quote is: “The Greatest Pleasure in Life is Doing what they say you Cannot do”. I say “Oh Really…Watch me”!

13. You’re an accountant and a fitness competitor. How do you find balance to do all these?

Just as I go to work everyday, training is also scheduled into my daily routine. I have a spin bike in my living room so No excuses!

14. What do you think is the biggest issue women face today in regards to getting involved in fitness?

With all the different types of activities, I think there are lots of women now getting involved. They just have to find what they like doing and what makes them feel good. With regards to weight training, after all these years, I still think some women are afraid of the gym and always hear “ I don’t want to get big muscles!” I could only Wish!!!

15. What would you tell others who think they are too old to start or don’t have what it takes to compete?

I would say, find something you enjoy doing. You are never too old. I did my 1st figure model shoot at age 40 and to my surprise sold the most prints at the exhibit. I only got serious after that. At 45, did my 1st NPC Figure competition and at 49 got picked as July 2011 Pinup for Lucy B Lingerie. Just recently on my 50th birthday, Natalie photographed me and it was the most memorable and empowering experience I have ever had! I truly believe we get better with age… Again, Nutrition makes all the difference!


16. What’s next for you? When and where can we expect to see you compete?

Right now, I am preparing for NPC Figure competition on August 11th in Culver City.

17. What are your future goals in this industry?

Not sure, but as cliché as it sounds, the sky is the limit. I am excited to see what is next.

18. Any shout outs? Where can we find you on the internet?

Always, my family and friends. They have be support and cheerleaders for many years. My 1st trainer Keith Kettering who started me on a higher level of training and prepared me for my 1st contest and Michele D’Angona, my trainer, nutritionist and contest prep pro. Thank you so much. You are truly amazing!

I just recently did a facebook page:


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