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Countdown to the Big Show: 2012 Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale

Competition / Fashion / Featured / Fitness Photographer / Modeling / Photography / Photoshoots / Slide Gallery / Sponsor / August 16, 2012

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The Countdown is on! Exactly one month out from the Inaugural 2012 Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale, September 14-15, 2012 in Hollywood, CA.

MMA Fighter Julien Greaux and Miss Kentucky Alysha Noel Harris

Ever competed/watched a fitness show and realized that there were no connecting of the dots from the stage to the real world, the Entertainment Industry? The winners went NO WHERE because they often didn’t really have what it takes to get a real job as a “fitness model” or “Swimsuit Model”? As a former physique competitor and professional fitness photographer, this has been bugging me for years. What a let down it is to win this awesome title, then you come to LA expecting your parade to arrive once you get off that plane….. but no one shows up. No one even knows who you are. Even worse, whatever criteria you exceeded at to win that title actually put you at a DISADVANTAGE in LA because it was NOT what the market was looking for.

It’s time to correct this and that’s why I’m behind Myself, Powertec Fitness, and Dr. Marco Zanetti are creating a competition for Swimsuit Models/Fitness Models/Fashion Models that is judged by the market makers of each respective industry. There’s no politics because the only interest that each judge has is to cast and book those who can make them money in their professional roles as photographers, casting directors, talent managers — which means REAL WORK.
Baywatch's Jeremy Jackson and Fiancee Loni Willison
Model & Fitness strives to attract the world’s best-looking fit models in a competition format, as Miss Universe is to the Beauty world, with high caliber categories that are of interest to those in the general public attracted to the physical ideal.
Our events are held in the World’s Most Exotic Locations (Monte Carlo, Remini, Milan, Hollywood), at 5-star venues (The London West Hollywood and W Hotel), Food/open bar included, market makers, celebrities. It’s a resort-styled weekend for those with discriminating tastes.

Confirmed Celebrity Attendees to date:

  • Platinum Recording Artist, R&B Singer Brian McKnight
  • 4x NBA Champion and Host John Salley
  • NFL Wide Receiver and Olympic Athlete Willie Gault
  • 4x NBA All-Star and NBA Champion, Dallas Mavericks Shawn Marion
  • NFL Linebacker Akin Ayodele
  • Miss Bikini Universe Natalia Kern
  • Top photographers from Europe and USA will also be there. Confirmed Pavel Ythjall, Muscle & Fitness Chief Photographer; Tim Keweritsch, German Fashion Photographer; Noel Daganta, Top Fitness Photographer and more.

2012 Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale

Adding Stardom are Baywatch’s Jeremy Jackson and Covermodel Loni Willison. And the opportunity to be up front with the market makers such as Renee Wartoba, Top LA fitnes talent agent, and Karen Osborn, Casting Director of Sports Unlimited LA, who will be scouting and have committed to signing the various winner from our event. Working Talent and 2010 Miss USA Runner-Up, Morgan Woolard will also be one of the panel of judges.

MMA Fighter Julien Greaux

Hollywood Fitness Photographer/Film maker, Noel Daganta, will not only be joining our All-Star group of Judges, he will also be awarding the Top 2 of every category + 1 Wild Card Winner a photoshoot, to be shot on Sept 16-17th, for magazine submissions. This month alone Noel has had 3 covers published and 70 pages of spread in several magazines. This is a massive opportunity for models competing.

This prize is in addition to the overall winners getting a photoshoot with me ($1400 value each) for use in a Powertec, Sports+Lifestyle Unlimited LA Agency contract for winners of choice, Renee Wartoba – Top Fitness Talent Agent – adding choice talent to her books, and much more.

Team Powertec & MMA Fighter Julien Greaux and Miss Kentucky Alysha Noel Harris

The event is open to all competitors. We are NOT a fitness federation, we do not bestow Pro cards; our goal is to connect the dots between the Entertainment Industry and the aspiring model/talent world so that you can book real jobs. Here’s a partial list of Hollywood market makers that will be judging the World Finale:

• John F. Schultz, Bedford Forrest Management
• Arthur St. John, Casting Director and photographer
• Alex Shaw, Casting Director at Bravo
• Chille DeCastro, Pacific Talent and Models
• Tracy Evans, Casting Director / 3x Olympian – All Sports, Active Lifestyles and Real People

Jeremy Jackson and Covermodel Loni Willison


• Overall winners get a Photoshoot with Natalie Minh, value $1400
• Photoshoot with Noel Daganta for the top 2 winners of every category plus a wildcard choice for magazine submission
• Winners of Choice will be signed to Sports & Lifetstyle Unlimited LA
• Winners of Choice will be added to the books of Renee Wartoba, Hollywood Fitness Talent Manager
• Cash prizes (amount will depend on total competitor turnout)
• ALL Overall Winners at the 2012 Powertec Model & Fitness World Finale will receive scholarships to an FMI Conference ($500 value each)! Bikini and Fitness Model (Male & Female) will receive scholarships to The FMI 2012 Conference (October in Newport Beach), Fashion Model Overall Winners will receive scholarships to the FMI Spring 2013 in Vegas.

Register now and make your future. Discounts on Hotel rooms have been extended until Saturday August 18! Book now and don’t miss this big Hollywood event!

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