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FMI Spring Conference Photoshoot: What Fitness Models Need To Be Aware Of

Fitness Photographer / Photography / Uncategorized / March 26, 2011

The secret to good photoshoot is the level of planning and preparation that goes into it.  Since I’m one of the official fitness photographers of the FMI Spring Conference, I wrote this blog post for you to understand what kind of images you will need and what my photography terms are.

Some things to think about

In a model portfolio, you need good headshots and some diversity of images. While an agency does not want to see glamour in your portfolio, this will be of use for those who are looking to get published in some fitness publications (females).  I find that the best models are those who can convey emotion/expression like an actor… All professional models are in good shape but the differentiating factor comes down to this and the understanding of body poses.

Regarding sports photography, if you look at the major fitness brand ad campaigns the model is usually in motion or conveying some sort of strong emotion in fitness gear (strength, conviction, determination, excitement).  For fitness magazine covers, it’s stomach showing and clean cut.  If you have a sports skill, bring those props and apparel. Sporty accessories like wristbands, headphones, water bottles, resistance bands, etc are great props as well.

….If you are REALLY talented, you will be able to rock sportswear like this: 😀

Fitness Model Josephine Dalton

Lifestyle photos:  I prefer solids over prints, in fact a simple outfit of a tight white T and jeans brings the focus more on the model than the apparel.

  • Guys, if you want to have a suit pic, feel free to wear.
  • Females: if you want to get dressed up, flowy materials work wonderfully in images since you can show movement.  Also, have some nice stilettos as this accentuates the legs and gives grace to an image (no mules, wedges, clear pageant shoes please).

Accessory ideas: hand wraps, rough looking sports wear with tears/dirty/holes, fruits to denote healthy living, exercise balls.

***I need you to tell me what look you want to do in advance so I can plan the setup and grouping.

I highly advocate each model to build a stock of their own images so that they can market themselves, as there’s no better agent than yourself.

2010 Arnold Classic Bikini Overall and WBFF Pro Bikini World Champion Chady Dunmore

Photographer Setup

I will have a white studio background setup and can also do location shots around the venue.

  • Model Releases must be signed.  (
  • All photos will be uploaded to a private online gallery for your review.
  • You will receive one free edited pic from the shoot, of my choice. Please use the image noted as WEB for any internet use and use only the PRINT version for portfolio.
  • Each additional photo chosen for editing is $25 per pic and you will receive web and print resolution suitable for your portfolio.
  • The photos will be delivered via web download, not in CD.
To review my work, please visit

Fitness Model Janessa Mondestin

Image Usage and Rights

Common Questions:  Should any of the images get picked by a publisher, how does that work? Would I be able to get any money from that particular submission or follow up work that would pay? Would I be able to get a copy of the final use of the image to add to my portfolio?

Upon my submission of the images and use of image by the publisher, I will receive the usage right fees.  Likewise, any fees that you can earn from your own submission of images that you purchased is entirely yours.  If I post process any pictures outside of what you select, I will send to you the web size resolution for your use. You can purchase the full res for $25 and again you can do as you like with them. On all work I inform the publisher of your name and contact info for their records, I kindly ask for the same. Often times though unless it’s an athlete feature, the publisher will not note the athlete name (general editorial image).

US copyright law states that the photographer (like a musician or an artist) holds the copyrights to all work produced, even if the work is commissioned.  The photographer writes usage right contracts on their images and thus can pursue multiple avenues of revenue such as stock, magazine, product licensing, etc.  I like to simplify things by allowing paying model portfolio subjects the ability to generate income from their images, not only use it in their portfolio, for an unlimited amount of time.

FMI Los Angeles 2010

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