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Santa Monica Sunset Beach Shoot with Harry Grisby of LHGFX

Fitness model / Inspiration / Modeling / nataie minh / Natalie Minh / Photography / Photoshoots / Slide Gallery / February 28, 2011

GOLDEN EYE. Tag Team collaboration on Santa Monica Beach with Harry Grisby of LHGFX (Photographer) and myself as model and retoucher.

I went against the grain on my makeup and highlighted my face with golden shimmering MAC highlighting powder, shaded with a deep bronze. For the windblown piece-y hair look, I loaded up with silicone hair glossing serum and worked a bit into the ends of my bob and at the root.

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Natalie Minh

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Song Du Jour - Déjà Vu by Beyoncé Feat. Jay-Z

February 28, 2011
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