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Fitness Model Tip – How do I work with a Nutritional or Fitness Company?

Fitness model / Frontpage textlink / Modeling / November 4, 2010

Let’s reverse this question from the company’s perspective – Why should they hire YOU to represent their product?

Simply because you are awesome and photograph well is not a guarantee to get your foot in the door (although the photogenic part does help alot).  You are dealing with business people so you must help them understand how you will benefit their business, such as:

  • A solid social media reach, have influence and respect in this industry (if you build it, they will come)
  • Accomplishments that make you an interesting person. Perhaps you competed and won some shows, have a high education/knowledge on fitness or diet, kick ass in sports, previously published model, etc.
  • All professional models are in shape so if you sell yourself as a fitness model, look the part and take care of yourself.
  • Have a strong portfolio of images demonstrating that you are a good model.  You don’t need a bunch but a few good professional pictures and at least one that looks like it could be used in an advertisement (just need to slap a logo on it and go)
  • Be extremely professional and make sure that your online presence matches what you are selling. We’ve all seen those stories of people who put embarrassing TMI moments on Facebook or Twitter.  Don’t give people a reason to form a bad opinion about you from a professional standpoint
  • Do you have business cards, your press packet (Bio, CV, headshot and good fitness shots), comp cards, approachable personality and can-do demeanor in order and ready for when you meet a potential business partner? I carry my portfolio on my iPad nowadays but i used to have a physical Portfolio in my car at all times.

Image: OnGo Energy Shot.  Photography by Tim Kewertisch

I have secured sponsorship deals partly based on my appearance but also because I brought a package to the table that showed that I wasn’t only a pretty face: business acumen, accomplishments in academia and sport, broad social network, and alot of ambition.

Don’t simplify yourself to only being a fitness model – pretty is a dime a dozen.  Talent is not.

Check out my photography work here:  Natalie Minh Photography.

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Natalie Minh

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on November 5, 2010

Love these articles Natalie. Keep them coming.

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