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Fitness Model Tip – Create Your Own Stock Images

Fitness model / Fitness Photographer / Photography / Recommendations / Slide Gallery / August 9, 2010

With the recession still upon us, I find that many companies and magazines are leaning towards stock photography rather than commission a photoshoot (which is much more expensive).  If you are a fitness model, this means that you can take advantage of this situation by commissioning your own photoshoot and then use those images to market yourself to various companies and magazines.   If the magazines like the images, direct them to the photographer so that they can finalize the usage rights.

Create the kind of images that are being published today such as studio shots, exercise and lifestyle routines and have them ready for the next big opportunity.

To review my work, check out my website here:  Natalie Minh Photography.

Internationally published fitness model/fitness photographer based out of Los Angeles.

Natalie Minh started working in the industry as a model in Europe and North America and learned the craft over the years in front of the lens. Over time this evolved into a career as a photographer where Minh trained under renowned fashion, glamour, and commercial photographers in Paris, Milan, and Belgium. Her images are being used by well-known modeling agencies throughout Europe, advertising campaigns in Australia, and published in a number of international magazines such as Muscular Development, Marathon Muscle and Ultra-Fit.

Now based in Los Angeles, her services are available to not only commercial clients but models looking to develop their portfolio as well.

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Natalie Minh

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on August 10, 2010

This is a great tip! Having your own shoot means total control and rights. And who better to photograph you than Nat M! xoxo

on September 6, 2010

Aww thanks my super inspiration! xx

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