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Egg Yolk Face Mask

Fitness model / Modeling / August 4, 2010

Now I eat usually 8 egg whites a day and I go the traditional route of buying whole egg cases from Costco.  Always felt a little bad about throwing out all of those yolks but I’ve found a DIY crafty solution – the egg yolk face mask.  You may think that this sounds gross but check out the facts:

It is a magic potion to youthful skin. It is the mother-load of beauty treatments. The secret to the fountain of youth, but it needs to be done seriously and consistently. Egg is food for the skin, and just like all other foods, eating is something that needs to be done ongoing(ly) and with consistency. Egg yolk annihilates free radical damage in itā€™s tracts.

Hereā€™s Why (source: forum):

Egg yolk is packed full of all types of skin loving vitamin A retinals, and unlike the chemical compounds acquired through a prescription, the compounds in egg yolk are completely naturalā€¦ and because it comes in the form of a placenta the cells are predisposed to program themselves to making whatever they touch to be the best it can. Basically, placenta cells adapt to the purposes that they are exposed to, placenta cells are ā€˜basicallyā€™ akin to stem cells, and because these retinals are natural rather than synthetic, most likely (in almost all cases) they will not create the initial irritation retinal products are famous for.

An egg yolk is an amazing accutane and retinal cocktail with far more potency then the synthetic retinal and accutane compounds developed by pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the natural retinals and accutane found in egg yolk are far more complex than the manmade varieties. In fact, science is only partially aware of the wealth of retinal vitamins found in nature. So when your skin is absorbing these natural vitamin A retinals your skin is literally drinking in far more nutrients then science is aware of or can even imitate synthetically.

Budget wise, egg yolk gives the budget conscious a far more lavish beauty treatment than anything the wealthy can dream up.

Egg yolk exfoliates the skin at such breakneck speed, sloughing off old skin cells, and turning out brand new plumb skin cells so rapidly that over the course of a few months, your skin will appear very healthy and glowing. And if you continue with this process over time your scars will fade and even pits will begin to smooth out.

This must be done consistently, morning and night.

So, you can simply take the raw egg, apply to your face and let dry for 10 minutes.  Gently rinse off and feel your tighter, baby smooth skin!  I just washed off my mask before typing this blog 🙂

Natalie Minh

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