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Dear Diary

The trials and tribulations of Los Angeles.  An amazing high to low ride of emotions yesterday, ending in a broken heart and I’m sad.  I’ve spent the last three years traveling the world on my own, becoming a stronger person, learning who I was and what I want.

It’s taken some time to learn to love again.

A poignant point happened last night.   I rationally accept that every relationship will have a beginning and end, I no longer worry about the ending but instead make the present as beautiful as possible.

I learned this from my business partner.

My business partner is very good to me.  A while back when we met in Europe and I was going to move to LA in weeks, we had a big heart to heart where we realized that we were two very special people to each other and couldn’t lose touch.  He promised me that while he makes a terrible partner, couldn’t be there for me with 1/2 a world apart, and will not be as good as I deserve (gotta love brutal honesty), he would make a commitment to me that was greater than any marriage certificate – we would share our corporations together.  As we laughed about this, it’s true that we are now tied together for life with rules and laws that are stronger than those nonsense romantic relationship guarantees.

He messaged me this morning and I told him of my broken heart.  He fired up Skype, gave me a virtual hug and reminded me that he’s coming in June to square away business and to see me.

Appreciate the love this morning very much.

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