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My LASIK Experience as a new Spokesmodel – The LASIK Spa, Brentwood CA

Healthy / Natalie Minh / Recommendations / Sponsor / February 6, 2010

I recently connected with Dr. Michael Granberry of the LASIK Spa in Brentwood CA. He is a highly skilled and well-respected LASIK surgeon having been educated at the Mayo Clinic and performed over 90,000 eye procedures, making him one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the world. I am honored to work with him and experience his work firsthand.

I went in with my sister to get the procedure done, where I observed her procedure live first on a TV screen, then went in right after her, which took no more than 10 minutes. Painless, comfortable, exclusive location in Brentwood, super multilingual staff (the woman who performed my eye exam spoke Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English!), and most of all an extremely caring and kind doctor.

I went in to the surgery having worn contacts for 15 years and experienced the annoyances of bad vision during my sports such as swimming, martial arts, etc. Not being able to go without goggles while swimming or dropping a contact during a game of tennis and playing the game as Cyclops… you get the picture. Yes like any medical procedure there are risks, however after much study of Dr. Granberry’s track record and positive feedback from other top athletes in my field such as IFBB Pro Shawn Ray, Jay Cutler, supermodels Petra Nemcova, Victoria Secret model Marissa Miller, etc etc convinced me that I would be at the hands of the best.

As an athlete/model/photographer, receiving the gift of vision has been absolutely life changing. The first day my eyes were sore and I slept right after the procedure. The morning after, my first thought was that I had fallen asleep with my contacts in because I could see everything in my bedroom! There was a slight fuzziness at first yet everything was very sharp. Three days after the procedure my vision is getting sharper and sharper, fuzziness is gone and my eyes are very comfortable. I am happily going to donate my old glasses to the big pile at the LASIK Spa’s office, definitely no longer needed! What was also very cool was that my sister now has equally perfect vision and we got to share the experience together. HAHA Bonding time!

As a very happy patient and speaking on behalf of myself and my sister, I would highly recommend that if you were considering LASIK, trust your eyes to the industry’s best.


Here I am after being prepped for the LASIK procedure. Thank you Dr. Granberry for the wonderful gift of vision!

Natalie Minh

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