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The 10 Day Countdown

Europe / Natalie Minh / December 3, 2009

Whew, moving at light speed over here knocking off the To Do list here in Europe.

I had my last day in the office the other day and it was very nostalgic to have to say goodbye to my awesome colleagues. While my work as a Structured Financial Analyst wasn’t a passion of mine, the people I worked with were the best. Really, I made some real friendships there and they were diverse, open, and kind. I’m gonna miss our laughs together. They gave me a sweet fareweIl card and a gift card to Decathlon, the big sports store here! So I picked up a tennis racket and sports bag which will come in super handy in LA where a couple of friends are avid players (ahem Dr. Michael Granberry and Hatem Dhiab!).

Much of my time in Brussels is spent related to the closing of my apartment as the Belgian rent laws are quite strict, as the shipment of my goods, import/insurance/customs paperwork, etc. I’m staying in Antwerp until tomorrow and making the daily hike back/forth to Brussels.

Tomorrow is the beginning of an extemely productive week (yeah my weeks start on Friday haha). Wanna hear what a typical day looks like for me?

– 8am shoot as a photog of a young male model
– Noon shoot as a makeup artist to Wim Vanderwegen (Belgium’s top advertising tog and a professor)
– 2pm closing of my apartment
– 4pm drive to Paris 3 hours away for working during the weekend as model and tog.

I’m finally going to get my study in as a photographer assistant to high fashion photographer Joel Dart until Sunday with two magazine assignments. And looking forward to getting in front of his uber talented eye as well.

Then I’m going to have a shoot on Monday with the Parisian actor and Rob Lowe lookalike, Anthony Dupray. He’s one hell of a model as well and we are going to create an editorial with both of us taking control of the camera. I have never photgraphed an actor before and I can see that he brings something special to images. I’m excited about the storyboard and know that you are going to love it.

Then it’s off to Milan! Milan is always in my heart, who can resist the allure of Italy? Some planning with my business partner, the Italian Wizard Dr. Marco Zanetti and spending time with my dear “coach” and muse Maurizzio.

A muse is someone who gives an artist inspiration, passion, and makes you fall in love with them not only because of their beauty but their charm as well. Telihana is my female muse and Maurizzio is my male muse. How lucky I am. They provide me endless sources of creativity and excitement.

Ensuite, off to the United States! A bit of work and travel through there but tentatively the schedule is:

Dec 13-17: Detroit
Dec 17-22: Los Angeles
Dec 22-Jan 17: Florida
New Years Eve: Miami South Beach!
Jan 17: relocate to Los Angeles permanently

I am taking shoot bookings in Florida for those interested. I’m going to be based out of the Tampa area except for New Years in South Beach. And of course I’ll start taking bookings in LA starting in February.

Just had a moment of reflection about my change of career and life. I spent my entire professional career as an analytical person, first in IT then in Finance/Treasury. Heavy Excel, UNIX, computer and number crunching. And now I’m flipping over to the Arts. Getting in touch with my romantic side, feelings, expression. And a focus on my physical after so many years sharpening my mind with education and challenging technical assignments. Not that it’s all lost because I’m a business person at heart and I’m running the show now. But, it’s interesting to take a look at this from a 3rd person perspective.

What a life, Love My Life, LML!!!

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Natalie Minh

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