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Fitness Photographer Natalie Minh Working Behind the Lens and Chasing Dreams

Europe / Fitness Photographer / Inspiration / Photography / December 18, 2009

After a big whirlwind trip this past month studying photography in Paris and Milan, I’m now in Los Angeles and ready to hit the ground running in 2010. I’m making a transition in life to go “all in” and to pursue my dreams back in the States, focusing on my photography, fitness, and entrepreneur plans.

I want to take a moment to thank those for enriching my photography knowledge and giving me the cutting edge. Got to give credit when credit is due and these individuals are not only highly regarded in their field but also dear friends.

To Joel Dart, Paris fashion photographer and Professor: You gave me the opportunity to study with you in Paris for a number of days during a big multi-day beauty/hair shoot with gorgeous European models, top stylists, and makeup artists (and even jump in front of the camera a bit!). And not to mention all of the post production skills that you taught me… a million euro education in my book. But most of all, thank you for the encouragement and firm input/direction to do this right.

A video of Joel on set killing it.

To Emanuel Van Holsten, Milan Glamour King: Emanuel!! What more can I say, your camera sees me in the most explosive way. You know this business very well, having worked with some of the biggest international clients such as Playboy, Marie Claire, Wolford, etc, and I highly admire your business acumen. Thank you for all of the awesome experiences during the shoots, brainstorming over expressos at that favorite Cafe of yours, and laughs.

To Wim Vanderwegen, Belgian Advertising Photographer and Professor: You were one of the first people that I met when I moved to Belgium and I’ll always cherish all of the fun times, learning, and the work that we created together. I can never stop admiring your post production skill, creativity, lighting, etc that you brilliantly demonstrate, for example in the BMW and PlayStation ads. BTW, remember those talks about getting to the States? Well guess who’s in LA now. 😉

Send each of you lots of love from LA, you guys are amongst the reasons why I will always love Europe. xxx

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Natalie Minh

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