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Zanetti ORAC Diet – Day 3

Update – weighed myself first thing this morning on my bio-impedance scale:

19% BF
waist measured at 67cm

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I caught a chest cold so I’m not feeling 100% but I’m still moving forward with the regime. No problem to stick to the diet, I enjoy the extra fats and the breakfasts… carbs!!!

I’m trying to focus on getting more sleep as well but it’s hard with the fat burners in my system. The last two days have been better, I expect my gym performance to be a little stronger because of it, but now need to factor in my chest cold.

Looking in the mirror, I’m shredding up pretty good. I can see all quad definition, oblique ab lines are getting deeper and lower down my torso, strong upper body definition as well. Genetically I tend to be lean upper body so the big measure of progress will be getting my hamstrings, glutes, and complete ab lines to show.


My biggest motivation is that during the moments that I want to deviate, I keep telling myself that I only have 4 more weeks to go and I can’t disappoint the Italian wizard. The guy is amazing and just to show some pics of when he was a competitive natural bodybuilder 10 years ago, you can see why I have full faith in his abilities:

His name is Dr. Marco Zanetti, based in Turin ITALY.  A bit on his incredible background – 

He studied medicine at the University of Turin, graduated as a pharmacologist and Chemical Analyst.  He continued his studies in the US, earning a Sports Nutritionist Certification, a certified Personal Trainer, and Physiotherapist.

In addition to these outstanding scholastic achievements, he is a former Italian bodybuilding champion, military officer, owner of a number of Italian wellness training centers and spas, director of a fitness training school, President of the Italian Federation of Natural Bodybuilding, President of MuscleMania Europe, member of ISSN (International Sport Science Nutrition), and SIAS (Societ Italiana Alimentazione e Sport), and author of a number of anti-aging, nutrition, and excercise books.

I am again honored to be his partner in his ORAC Diet program to bring his 22 years of experience to the English speaking world.

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