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Zanetti ORAC Diet – 1 Week In

Sinfully Healthy Foods

Been pretty sick with a chest cold for the past 5 days and it’s slowing down my training a bit.  The diet has been tight, geting my morning cardio in, but haven’t had the energy to get my evening routine as well.  I think that it’s mainly a mental thing where I feel like I’m not doing enough being that I’m closing in on the 3 weeks out mark. Haven’t weighed myself since the last blog post since I’m supposed to do another measurement report out to the Italian Wizard next Monday.  I can confidently say that because the diet is so strict, I’m not too worried about the 2 missed evening workouts.

I’m headed to Tampa to see my family this Wednesday for some R&R and will be there until Oct 3.  I will of course continue my regime even while traveling… this is a lifestyle and commitment and it feels great.  Mom is great as she completely understands my dietary needs and will prepare meals to accomodate.  She was here in Belgium when I was training for the FAME Worlds last year and she was VERY strict with me LOL.  Always great when you have someone more motivated that myself at times!

Florida weather will be nice too, a good place to be to recover from my chest cold and current stress.

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