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Obesity Lie. It’s YOUR Fault, Not your Genes.

Motivation / Nutrition / September 1, 2009

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Article Link: The obesity lie. Dont blame it on genes and calories
From the metaboliceffect blog
Jade Teta ND, CSCS

Article Summary:

  • Many people still perceive the DNA of a cell as the cells brain. In the lab, remove the genes from a cell and it keeps on living. Genes provide instructions to fix a cell when it wears down, like an auto parts store.
  • The real brain of the cell is the membrane. The surface of the membrane holds thousands of receptors that interact with the hormones in your body. Remove the receptors and the cell goes comatose and dies.
  • What controls a cell? Hormones. What determines what hormones are released? The environment you create for your body: Food, exercise, thoughts, behaviors, light, sound.
  • Tribal groups with the same gene pool but living in two different geographical and cultural areas were studied. One group was fat (Western group) and the other was normal (native group). The difference? Environment.

From my own observation as a first generation Vietnamese American, I am much more robust than my parents in terms of size and bone structure. Comparing myself to my cousins in Vietnam, Iā€™m a giant. This is clearly attributable to my nutrition, health care, and state of the art American environment. I think that this article scientifically validates what many of us can see with our own eyes and makes the link to an abnormal body state (Obesity) and the environment that we live in.

Therefore, if you are obese, itā€™s within your control.

Natalie Minh

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on October 7, 2011

Let it be known! I hate it when people use genes as an excuse to NOT do anything……not even stuff relating to weight. I used to think that I couldn’t be lean cause of my genes, but when I put those silly thoughts aside and actually TRIED to be lean I did become lean….what do you know. Anyways….point being. If you believe it…you can do it. 😉

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