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Milan Here I Come!

Europe / Natalie Minh / Travel / September 30, 2009

EVH magazine, an Italian fashion mag, is coming out to do coverage of me while I’m in town to compete. Gotta get my head together to line up shoots Monday/Tues following the competition.

Tomorrow my themewear maker is coming to Brussels from London to hand deliver my costume and polish up my routine. I can’t wait to show off my costume on stage, it’s a jaw dropper…!

Also I’m going to do another shoot of Maurizzio while in Milan.  A beautiful half Belgian/Italian and bright as well…. very special person.  I’m hoping to get a real soulful shoot with him; it’s amazing what a photographer will capture when they have personal connections to their subjects.

My schedule until December is intimidating… going to be working in Germany, Paris, Brussels, and travel 2x to the States for a repatriation look-see, visit my folks in FL, and compete in the World Championships before hauling all of my belongings to LA for good in December.  Getting about 3-4 hours of sleep of night from the stress.  GO GO GO GO

Natalie Minh

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